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  1. Got my RTS2 v5 after black friday. I have been using it on my match gun, so the round count is around 1500. It just made it's way back to C-More as it was shutting off on it's own. The v4 I have has about 10,000 rounds without issue. These are mounted on a CO Legion. Starting to think it is a crap shoot with the optics. You either get one that works or you send it back.
  2. Mine is right there also. I have two 320's an original x5 and the Legion, the x5 looks a lot better and is older. I think the finish on the Legion, which is different, is way softer. Maybe it will scare your comp by showing them you actually practice.
  3. Depending on the source of the brass. I removed the die in station one to speed up the cycle, as station one can be a potential sticking point in the whole deal. I do 100 round batches on commercial brakes while watching TV.
  4. It took about 3 weeks. I hit them at a time when they were waiting on parts, but when I called they explained the issue. I was given a date when it would ship and it did.
  5. Don't think they are open on Friday. You can only call Mon- Thurs. Sent mine to that same address and no problem. Fixed and returned with no issues. Thought it was strange not to have a RMA, but all went well and when I called they were very helpful.
  6. The differences in the Smith line are style and what size face they fit. The Chamber and Director fit well under muffs with out noticing them for the day. I prefer the ignitor for the range, it's not polarized.It's pretty superficial, pick one you think will fit your face and a style you think looks good and go with it. There really are no different levels to the glasses. Interchangeable lens' or not is one of the few.
  7. I have both the chamber and director with the ignitor lens. Big fan of Smith optics. These wear like regular sunglasses, but are spec'ed to the higher MIL standard. The ignitor works well at the range and in the woods on the MTB. Knocks down the brightness of the sun, but helps me see better. The Pivlock type glasses are going to feel more like a safety glass style as I prefer something with a frame. Do not be afraid to look beyond the elites as there are some great choices in their performance line. The other thing is the warranty, it is outstanding. No issues ever and a simple process.
  8. Great crowd, matches fill up fast. Very high level of shooters there, but nice and lot's of fun. The range and bays have been improved greatly over the last few years.
  9. Try Innov-8, I like the x claws. I wear wide shoes, 2E, but in Innov-8 they have regular, which seems wide and precision fit. Precision is much like the salomon shoes. The xclaws have 8mm lugs like the speedcross, but are generally cheaper. Also google fell running for all such lugged shoes.
  10. I ordered a kkm barrel the day after xmas. Have not seen it yet. Two different promise dates, beginning of feb and then beginning of April. Still have not heard or seen anything from kkm. There customer service leaves alot to be desired. So hope you have better luck than me.
  11. I like many on here lately had the slide crack on my open gun. The crack was just in front of the ejection port. This gun was heavily modified and lightened and had in excess of 30000 rounds down the pipe. I sent the slide back just wanting to maybe find out what happened so I could prevent this for as long as possible next time. Well the good folks at Caspian called and passed on some helpful info and offered to go half in on the slide. I thought this was great customer service and it will reflect on future purchases. Just wanted to thank Caspian for there efforts.
  12. 8 inch arntzen target $27 and a $9 shepards hook from home depot work just fine. Easy to transport and set up. Have not used my evil roys since learning this trick.
  13. Adrian Cobb, mag blueprinting. He's a vendor here. Just did two svi mags for me. Great turnaround and the work is top notch.
  14. Placed the order on 2/3. Card charged 2/19, mailman just dropped them off. All the way to FL.
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