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  1. I don't think you'll ever see it, as much as I'd love to see it happen. Maybe ZEV will get there with the OZ-9 though.
  2. I would go MOS. There are a few companies coming out with plates for the MOS which hug the dot instead of leaving it open on the front and back. That should fix any issues with a lack of support and even though the dot will sit a little bit lower being milled, once you get used to it, you'll have no problem with the MOS. Plus being able to change dots if you have issues or something new comes out is an invaluable option.
  3. Mine has been amazing. Not a single issue and insanely accurate. One of the most impressive out of the box guns I've ever seen.
  4. I see a few things around but what is everyone using for a 170 in their Tanfo? Specifically I am interested in using it in a 9mm Gold Team. I would also like the option of having it fit the gauge for IPSC Open as well as USPSA. Only options I see right now are the MBX (which I haven't heard great things about), a 38 Super 25 rounder from EAA which I'm not sure will feed 9mm and the +10 extension from TF. Just curious what everyone is running and how reliable they are. Thanks.
  5. Do you know anyone that does it? I don't suppose you guys offer it? I could save the trip and get the sight and a trigger job at the same time!
  6. Has anyone ever had a low mount adjustable rear installed on their Glock like a Bomar or something similar? I am looking into having it done and I'm not seeing much on it. If you have had it done, who did it and can you post some pics? I would like to see how they come out.
  7. If I were to shoot a Stock 2 in 40 in IPSC Standard, could I start with the hammer down as I would in Production or do I have to start with the hammer back and the safety on? I would prefer to start with the hammer down instead of having in manipulate the safety as I have short fingers. Thanks for your help guys.
  8. newopen GM

    P320 X5 Thread

    Got my 3rd X5 on Friday. Seems they all have the black barrels now. Doesn't seem to lock up quite as tight as my others but it also feels a little smoother when racking the slide.
  9. newopen GM

    P320 X5 Thread

    I believe you can also call the Sig Pro Shop and order one and have it sent to your FFL.
  10. I sight in at 15 yards. I haven't had any issues with impact and I've shot from 5 to 50 yards with mine. It might require holding off a little at longer range but that's just a matter of trying it in practice. I find most of my shots at matches are 20 yards or less.
  11. I've never had a problem with Blue Bullets. Extremely accurate in my X5 and fast shipping. But I run 147s.
  12. I use the Blade-tech Stingray with the Blade-tech DOH attachment. I had problems with the Comp-tac binding as well.
  13. I just acquired another Shadow as a back up gun and want to put the thin safety on it to match my main gun. Does anyone have one? I would be willing to buy it or if you are looking for the stock Shadow safety I have one (or two) I could trade. Please let me know what you have. Thanks. P.S. Just so there's no confusion. This is the safety I am looking for. http://czcustom.com/shadowthinsafetyset.aspx
  14. I ordered a holster on March 15 and have heard nothing since. I understand that things get back ordered but after several e-mails and left phone messages I have not had an answer. I would like to order several hundred dollars worth of his product but cannot see doing that until this matter is resolved. Let me say that I have had good luck with Henning in the past and would hate to stop dealing with him.
  15. My CZ SP-01 Shadow needs a new safety and I can't find one anywhere. I use the stock SP-01 safety so that I don't accidently bump it but I can't find a replacement anywhere. Anyone know a place that has one in stock? I am in a hurry as I have to have it before Area 6. Thanks for the help.
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