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  1. 8.6.2 Any person providing interference or unauthorized assistance to a competitor during a course of fire (and the competitor receiving such assistance) may, at the discretion of a Range Officer, incur a procedural penalty for that stage and/or be subject to Section 10.6.
  2. We have "sheds" built on each bay that hold our props. Three sections, one for 20 6' wide walls, one section for 30 metal target stands and one for steel poppers and target sticks. Makes set-up and tear down fast. Each shed is approx. 8' long by 4' wide, and the stand section doubles as a safe table.
  3. Application attached, please note that the late fee has been waived. 2015 Section.pdf
  4. Pitcairn Monroeville Sportsmen's Club is hosting the match this year, match will be July 10-12. There are 8 stages plus chronograph planned. For more information see the section website
  5. Confirmation emails went out this morning. If you didn't get one (and sent in an application) please send me an email sdavidson98@comcast.net There are still a few slots open for Sunday! Steve
  6. Confirmation emails and squadding information will be going out sometime next week. There is still room in both Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning slots.
  7. The match hotel will be the Red Roof Inn, located a mile north from the club. Rates are $67.99 plus tax, mention PMSC when booking the room.
  8. Aah...the brain teaser that caused multiple pages on this forum with folks trying to figure out how to shoot it.... Vince, That actually wasn't the course...the Steeler Standard was with 4 classic targets, 3 strings total. The one you are thinking of was last year with the 7 metric targets. 9___Steeler_Standards.pdf
  9. I'm using 4.5 grains of 1250 behind a 125 rn for a pf of 132. The case is pretty near full, almost a compresed load. The manual I have shows 4.8 gr of 1250, 115 gr rn gets 1121 fps.
  10. Heineken Light Champions Promotion Notification. HEINEKEN BOTTLING COMPANY #55 SCHOOL GATE PLACE, STAMFORD BRIDGE, LONDON, SW1V 3DW. UNITED KINGDOM www.Heineken.com Dear Winner, This is to inform you of the Award of ? 1,000,000.00 (One Million Euros) from Heineken Beer Company Promotions. This promotional award is to raise the profile of Heineken beer consumer's male/female aged 18 to 85 in rural and urban centers to support the spirit of Football. The online promotions build email lists were generated from the World Wide Web. This promotion takes place annually to challenge and to take market share from the popular Dutch import beer. The tactics included live events, local campaigns and general buzz to establish the brand one neighborhood at a time in major urban / rural centers to support the spirit of Football. Your Email Ref Number falls within our European booklet representative's office in Madrid, Spain. In view of this, your award of ? 1,000,000.00 (One Million Euros) will be released to you by our payment office in Madrid; Spain. Our Spanish Promotional Officer will commence the process to facilitate the release of your funds as soon as you contact him. Find the contact details below: Mr. Paul Vanfrant, Heineken Beer Promotional claims Officer. Email; heineken_claimofficer@gawab.com Tel: +34634092569 To avoid delays, you should contact the promotional claims officer stating your FULL NAME,AGE,SEX,ADDRESS,COUNTRY, STATE,FAX,PHONE NUMBER,MARITAL STATUS,OCCUPATION,COMPANY'S NAME (IF ANY), and AMOUNT WON. Mr. Hamilton Spectator (President).
  11. Thanks for the wishes, looking forward to seeing some of you in 2 weeks. Steve
  12. Saturday and Sunday are now full. There are limited slots available for Friday. Also, the match ammo program is available for use.
  13. We will be using the Red Roof Inn for the match hotel. The local number is (412)856-4738, mention "Area 8" for the match rate. For those who have not been here, the match hotel is about 4 miles from the club on the same street. There are a few other hotels in the area, but at a much higher rate. Steve Davidson
  14. We are fortunate to be able to host the match again this year. We are planning 11 stages this year and the scenery in August should be beautiful. Attached is a match application, keep checking the Area 8 website for more information. We also chose NOT to use the Day's Inn this year for the match hotel. Hope to see you there! Steve Davidson MatchApplication2007fullpage.pdf
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