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  1. 21 hours ago, SGT_Schultz said:


    The mechanics of picking up the dot on the draw and keeping it in your field of view are easy once one reprograms the draw to come up to the level of the eyes and one stops looking at the gun for confirmation.  It shouldn't take months to do that.


    What's more difficult is training the brain to use the eyes differently.  Completely opposite, in fact, from what most people are used to doing.


    Tape over the front of the lens will not lie

    From the draw is just one aspect, as is following a reload, add to that you need to practice every common position, like leaning around a wall, crouching in a window, on the move and on and on.   The preponderance of evidence clearly shows as you watch shooters struggle to find their CO dot match after match.  My own  experience making that transition from limited to Open, was within a week I thought I was ready, within a month I knew I wasn't.  If you have even one hesitation in a match caused by the dot, well you have not mastered it yet. 

  2. On 5/15/2021 at 9:18 AM, SGT_Schultz said:

    Those of you who are slower with a dot are using it incorrectly. 


    Focusing on the dot instead of on the target, trying to see the world through the optic instead of looking past/around it, and not finding the dot on the draw (clear sign of a poor index) are not the dot's fault but yours.


    Putting a piece of opaque tape over the front side of the lens and trying to shoot with a dot that way will show you how good or bad you really are.

    Those are all good valid points.   I think the myth is that you are going to pick up a gun with a dot and magically be good with it in a couple of hours of practice, oops not going the happen.  If one does a lot of dry fire from lots of odd positions and does reload practice I think you could get good in a few months.  Just like guitar playing it is muscle memory and that is the same way you build your index.  

  3. On 5/14/2021 at 12:05 PM, jt1207 said:

    thank you. I was at the range this morning and I already see a difference here--with limited gun I feel like I'm looking/focused at the target as my shot breaks and when doing with the rts2 I am looking for the dot and then match it to the target, which feels slower right now. Is that what you are talking about?

    If you asked me how to find the dot, I'd say look at the target!  Exactly your focus needs to be the target then bring the gun/dot into the filed of view.  In steel challenge your eyes go to the next steel first as you transition.   Tracking the dot only slows you down. 

  4. 5 hours ago, jt1207 said:

    I've been shooting Limited and just got an Open gun to start in that division. It came with a rts2 6moa. I already have a 1moa SRO, 3moa Venom, and 6moa Viper that I use on various range guns and after looking through them all and playing with them thinking about uspsa, the difference that seems the most important to me is the size of the shell/lens surface (or whatever the proper name is) that I have to look through. Seems like big window to look through is key, but that doesn't seem to factor much into the discussion here. Is that just a given that I should use one with a big window or no?

    If the field of view is too small that isn't good. 

    I think that our perceptions often mislead us.  The Timer can keep us on the right path.   Set up a drill and run it with the different optics and let the best time confirm or deny the perception.    The drill should be representative to the type of shooting you do, and accuracy needs to be a factor.  Don't shoot it with your limited gun, you might be faster. 

  5. 23 hours ago, Cuz said:

    Lol, that’s not always as easy as it sounds with availability the way it is these days. Finding the specific optic you want could be as hard as finding Bullets, powder, or dare I say primers. 

    I've had no problem finding bullets 12,000 in the last month, and powder is plentiful locally.  Primers are like flying spotted unicorns.  In the past couple of months I've bought 2 optics, a C-More and a Romeo 1, while Optics Planet and Shooters Connection are my favorite places to shop, they both came from Amazon since they had the best price, and it was quick.   I'm sure some optics may be scarce, but one thing is for sure, the prices are going to go up!  

  6. I've shot a lot of those man on man shoot offs.   The last one I shot had two plate racks, one for each shooter and then two small pepper poppers that would fall on top of each other, the action stated with a standard timer.   The winner was determined by which popper was on the bottom.   Starting position was wrist above.  There were a few rules about hitting the wrong popper etc, but it is fairly simple.  


    The initial round was winning 2 out of 3 to progress to the second round, then the third round.   I lost in the 9th round, aka the final, the other guy won the Glock, I wound up with a refinish certificate.   You can also have the loser's shoot off in a second group to keep everyone engaged. 

  7. Maybe you picked up some of my 9 major brass? I use to shoot it pick it up and reload it, but then I started noticing a lot of primers in the corn!  Primers would come out during tumbling.  I then had a few fall out between the ammo case and loading them in the mags.   I went to the one and done and have not had any issues.   I don't use Remington Primers, tried them didn't like them went with Federal, Win, and CCI, but I'd buy them today if I found them.  

  8. The Devil is always in the details.  If the conversation were around the legendary C-More slide ride, I'd recommend a 8 moa dot, because the 6 moa tends to get washed out in the Texas sun, but if the conversation were around the modern Micro Dot like say a Romeo 1, then 6 is plenty too big, as that 6 is larger than the C-more 8, and a lot brighter.  Holosun is popular with the big ring and the small dot, have not tried one but I run an EOTech on PCC, in spite of its multi decade age it continues to function, and it is a great set up for shooting steel.  


    A 6 or an 8 makes a good start.   For years I ran a 6 moa on one open gun, and 8's on the others, for those difficult matches (one of the clubs here puts on) I'd grab the 6, but for the run and guns I'd grab the 8.   My "A" hit percentage was always better with the 6, and that also resulted in better match finishes.   Could be a little struggle seeing the dot makes you focus more on shot placement?  Pick one an run with it.

  9. When I use AA#7  124gr JHP my load is 10gr, but the OAL is out there @1.170-1.175.  Shot thousands with no issues.  Since 2008 I've adopted the once and done rule for 9 maj brass.  I buy once fired at a local range or pickup at a steel match.  Maybe you can get away with loading them up to 3 times, but I find a decade or more of once and done working for me, good enough reason to continue.


    My preferred load is 7.3gr of Silhouette, at 100f it is 172pf, at 40 it is 189pf, so adjust in cold weather.

  10. Interesting, I don't see that on my Glock Open gun, the dot is mounted to the tupperware frame.  Take it out set up a target at 25 yards shoot a few groups from a ransom rest, if your 5 shot groups are within 1 or 1 1/2 you are probably good to go.  If you can stay in the A-Zone at that distance you can hit a small popper at that distance.  You may have to try several different loads if it isn't to be sure.   

  11. It is a fairly common mistake for new shooters to change their plan when they are on deck, and the outcome is predictable, unless of course they just discovered a target or a popper they missed in the walk thru.  



    While MLB is on the skids, I wonder if they watch each other bat?


    Bottom line you will do your best when you make a good plan and stick to it.  As an example when I shoot single stack if something goes wrong and I end up doing an unplanned reload, I will do another to get back on the plan if I didn't that "mistake" would cascade thru the whole stage.  When you watch other shooters you might learn something and it might be a good thing.  



  12. On 4/29/2021 at 6:41 AM, SGT_Schultz said:

    To update with first hand experience with Grams follower and spring kits.  Got two for the two P-10F magazines I use for carry optics. 


    The bottom of the front left corner of both followers protrude above the top edge of the magazine.  This makes the follower hang up in that corner and makes loading the first cartridge awkward.  


    Once the first round is in the rest load fine.  Cycling a full, 22 round magazines manually through the gun showed no problems.  Will check on live fire next week.


    Can only get 22 rounds in the mags with a Henning extension, same as I could with a trimmed OEM follower and OEM spring, but the 22nd round is easier to load with the Grams kit.


    I would stick with completely stock magazines for self defense reliability.  If 17-19 rounds isn't enough, then pick up a rifle.

    My experience with my Shadow 01 was similar, I put two mags together one with the Grams and one with the stock CZ follower both hold 22.  Both dry cycled well.  I took a trip out to the local range which has a steel bay and commenced fire.  The mag with the grams follower failed to feed a couple of times and had trouble with first round, but the one with the CZ follower never gave an issue.  I shot up about 400 rounds.  Grams aren't new to me I have them in all my STI Open gun mags and they are 100%.  I'm on the if it Ain't broke don't fix it team, so for now I will stick with the stock follower.    The red Henning pads make the gun look sexy. 

  13. 1 hour ago, EEH said:

    Coco, when I first started shooting open and 9 major, I read a lot of your post and liked all the information you put out. It helped me to not make a lot of mistakes and wast a lot of supplies although I do like hs6, it is a little dirty but I can handle that. Just send me the extra you have and I’ll burn it up for you. Thanks. 

    When my Silhouette supply runs dry HS6 is the best alternative so it will probably get burned in a few months.  

  14. 3 minutes ago, NoSteel said:

    Can’t  believe I made this mistake here.  This load is using Winchester AutoComp.  

    I found a use for AutoComp, I use it for my Steel Load, 5.8 grains with a 124 or 6.0 with a 115gr.  I found it a bit too harsh for 9 maj at 7.0gr.   I will say it flows like water thru the dillon powder measure and it seems to be clean burning and it is way cheaper than FeeFeeLaDoDo aka Vitavuori.

  15. On 4/27/2021 at 2:29 PM, pealandco said:


    I had seen some of your previous posts where you mentioned that. Haven't been out to the range since this weekend to run the gun a bit drier and see what the results are. Fingers crossed less oil fixes the cornmeal!

    I've run lots of AA#7 in both 38SC and 9 maj.  My 9 maj load was 10gr w/124 MG JHP. @1.175 you can't make a short one.  I don't use oil I use Rigg grease, none the less AA#7 is dirty but it works well.  I switched to Silhouette in 9 maj 7.3gr, it shoots well, just have to have one load for summer and one for cooler temps 7.0gr, it like AA#7 is a bit dirty but it won't stop the slide like AA#7, smaller softer meal.   Just clean gun after each match you should be good.   There are a lot of HS6 fans, I tried it still have an 8# in the closet, right next to a 8# jug of AA#7.  

  16. I put on a *thumb rest [generic]*, and I did not immediately move up a class, I didn't become instantly faster.   That said it does give a consistent place to put my thumb and makes my grip more consistent.   I say try it, you can always take it off.   Just like Broccoli you won't know if you like it till you try it. 

  17. There is nothing worse than a fat 9 mm at the base when it comes to jams, it won't go into battery and you need a jack hammer to get it out.  I started something new recently rather than loading a thousand then checking them I do the drop check every time I empty the reloading tray (200).   To avoid the dreaded jam from purgatory when I encounter your failure, I put it into the case gauge backwards if it goes in about 1/8" its good to go, if not I set it aside for failure analysis.  Most of the time a tiny bit of crimp turns out to be the issue.  Not all cases are created equally.   With the pile of rejects I run them back thru the crimp station, drop check again, failed again I run them thru my case pro, if they fail again into the cup for disassembly.   A decade ago I tried the U-die, well that didn't go well, I still have it somewhere.  The Hornady and Dillon dies IMHO do a lot better job.  It could be that 9 out of 10 are ok but that one that isn't is the one that concerns me, maybe it was the 14 stitches in the web of my had when I was pounding one out and hit the beaver tail, my only DNF score.

  18. Shooting 9 maj, I don't bother picking them up, and aluminum probably won't handle the pressure.   The solution, I buy once fired at a local range for $2.00 a pound.  Steel matches are a different story, I pick mine up because they are minor, well 150pf, but lots of shooters leave theirs so I snag it.  It's easy its all in one place, and it has been tromped into the ground.  There are about 115 cases to the pound, less than 2 cents each.  I take a magnet when buying brass and suck out all the steel cases that look like brass.

  19. Just got a notification from Midway USA Winchester Small Pistol Magnum Primers have been discontinued by the manufacture.  I have notifies every where for all manner of primer, my excitement really faded fast when I read the email.

  20. AQ lot depends on your set up,  IMHO the burn chart is pretty accurate softer shooting than 3n37 and about like 3N38.  Meters well and shoots clean, and is very consistent lot to lot. And it seems to be all weather.  

  21. I think some may be caught up in a Paradigm dilemma.  I could never bring my self to buy a $9000 Gibson Guitar, my mind draws an imaginary line at $1000, which let me buy a fantastic Martin Acoustic, but then again I have 8 Guitars.  If asked why don't you buy that Gibson, I'd say cause I don't play as well as Eric Clapton. Guns are a lot like Guitars they can appear identical but one will have that unique special sound that you want, that feel in your hand that makes you want to play it all day.  I'm guessing that is why when I shoot limited my STI Edge (Dawson HPF HardChromed circa 2005-7) gets a day out of the safe and the SVI dual caliber replaceable breach face gets to stay on the shelf.  Make no mistake I had 3 prior Edge's before I bought the Dawson HPF, the SVI came later, they all looked the same but nope the HPF Edge has that something special going on.  That said its Friday, classic rock time, you know Smoke on the Water, Can't get No Satisfaction, Sultans of Swing, all other days are country Broken Halos.  The punch line you will never know if it is the one till you pick it up and play it a while.

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