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  1. Leatherhead bullets make a 180g no lube groove bullet. They feed better than a true truncated bullet as well.
  2. Normal with no lube in the lube groove.
  3. At 50 feet it's not the brass. I have not seen groups open up like that at 50 yards with new vs mixed brass.
  4. N-310, clays, solo 1000, N-320 in that order, for me anyway.
  5. I have never had a problem with winchester primers with lightened strikers and light springs. Just make sure they are seated well.
  6. None taken, and I agree. Kind of like watching paint dry if your watching, or taken out behind the alley and whooped if your shooting. Trigger control and sight alignment are the two biggest benefits from shooting it. Forgot to add strong hand only shooting as well.
  7. I've seen that response alot. If I had to say which was harder, shooting a 100% uspsa classifier or breaking 2600 in bullseye, it would be bullseye every time. It is not for everyone, but would help every uspsa shooter out there.
  8. No, but you do need the gun to function. Most guns are set up with an ultradot on the slide, which slows things down alot. I use a 10lb spring in all my wad guns. Then there is accuracy. You can reduce your powder charge, but accuracy tends to suffer. I've done alot of accuracy testing at 50 yards, and to be honest, if your gun can't shoot 1.5" 10 shot groups or less, your leaving some on the table. The tried and true loads are 4 grains of bullseye or 3.8 grains of clays with a 200 grain swc. Not a hot load by any strech, but again rapid fire is 5 shots in ten seconds one handed, and the x ring is not that big.
  9. Ed built the gun primarily for the reduced recoil benefits for rapid fire, 5 rounds in 10 seconds, one handed at 25 yards.
  10. Still in the white. Total gun: 36.3oz Slide: 14.1 Spring: Still breaking in
  11. You will want to get the accurails first, and then fit the barrel. That way you only have to fit the lower lugs once.
  12. Per Machinery's handbook 1/2-13 UNC class 2A threads; major dia. min. .4876, major dia. max. .4985
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