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  1. I've been using a G-Code 'universal' double magazine holder but I ended up ordering 2 single APX pouches from JM Custom kydex
  2. I'm not sure what you mean by "rebuild" but, depending on what you want done, you may not have to send it to anyone. With a couple of YouTube videos and some tools you can install Langdon's "Trigger Job in a Bag" yourself. Berettas (I assume it's a 92) are very easy to work on. I've had work done by Josh at Allegheny Arms and recommend him highly. Plus, if you are in Connecticut shipping to Allegheny could be relatively less expensive than other options.
  3. I do. I use an old Blade-Tech holster and I'm not sure they make them any more for the 92A1. Can't remember what mag pouch. If I were to buy a holster today I would look at Red Hill Tactical.
  4. Which parts are common to S&W the K/L/N Frame? 686 SSR trigger part number ? Toolguy's post #3
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