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  1. I've been using a G-Code 'universal' double magazine holder but I ended up ordering 2 single APX pouches from JM Custom kydex
  2. I'm not sure what you mean by "rebuild" but, depending on what you want done, you may not have to send it to anyone. With a couple of YouTube videos and some tools you can install Langdon's "Trigger Job in a Bag" yourself. Berettas (I assume it's a 92) are very easy to work on. I've had work done by Josh at Allegheny Arms and recommend him highly. Plus, if you are in Connecticut shipping to Allegheny could be relatively less expensive than other options.
  3. I do. I use an old Blade-Tech holster and I'm not sure they make them any more for the 92A1. Can't remember what mag pouch. If I were to buy a holster today I would look at Red Hill Tactical.
  4. I used a hammer squaring file to fit a single-sided thumb safety and it made what I thought was the perfect cut. I don't remember where I read about it originally.
  5. I've only had mine for a few months but I wouldn't call a case feeder on a 550 a "mess" at all. As someone noted, it does take time to set up and adjust but once that's done it works. I considered just buying a 650 but I didn't want to spend $1500 or whatever it would take. My production rate has definitely increased; I've had a 550 for many years I think it's a worthwhile upgrade.
  6. Maybe a long shot but measure from the top of the press to the bottom of the operating rod bracket. I can't remember what the distance should be (you can find it in a post somewhere on the site) but the bracket on mine was too low. Once I adjusted it all of the remaining 550 priming "issues" I had were resolved.
  7. I don't remember where I read this but I used a "hammer squaring file" to fit more than one thumb safety and it works perfectly. Brownells has them.
  8. cyberiad

    Sig P320

    Robert Burke (thesigarmorer.com) told me via email he only mills 40 caliber slides and was using a Dawson adjustable rear for the XD but this was in February. He said "We are working on a way to weld up the rear of the 9mm slides in order mill them. There are lightening cuts in the 9mm at the back of the slide that the .40 doesn't have." Things may have changed since then or maybe others are doing 9mm slides, I don't know. Also, I believe this conversation was before the Dawson P320 sights were released.
  9. I'm guessing here but I suppose the idea is that most people wouldn't be trying to save time on a reload in a "real gunfight" by touching or grabbing a magazine. I know IDPA and "real life" have little to do with one another and I have no interest in debating whether a rule is stupid or not, as I said, it's just a guess.
  10. cyberiad

    Sig P320

    Thanks Alma, I forgot you had a Heinie on your 320. I think I'll try mine, I really don't like night sights.
  11. cyberiad

    Sig P320

    I'm guessing the shape of the P320 sight is different. I have Warren and Heinie sights for a 226 but I haven't installed either on my P320 because while the dovetail cuts are the same, the position of the dovetail in the P320 slide is different from that on a 226. Here is a photo of my 226 with a Warren rear next to a P320 with factory night sights. This P226 was made in 1988, the dovetail location on more recent models may have changed, I don't know. Depending on the sight, the 'overhang' wouldn't be too bad but I think it would annoy me enough so that I'm waiting for sights made for the
  12. cyberiad

    Sig P320

    I ride my thumb on the takedown lever now. It works a bit like a thumb rest on a limited gun if you do it right. This week I am actually messing around with wrapping my left hand index finger on the front of the trigger guard. Doing that in combination with riding my thumb on the takedown feels like I can get some very good leverage on the gun. Looking forward to testing that out in live fire later this week. That sounds like it could work. I also forgot to ask about the slide locking back on an empty mag. This was a rental gun and I'm not sure how old it was so maybe that had something
  13. It was a long time ago now but I put a Dawson on my P226.
  14. I have had a Kimber Stainless II in 9mm for several years. It just makes weight with a Tripp magazine, S&A steel magwell (I used to have an aluminum one on it) and the full length guide rod. A couple of other shooters I know had them and one used his with no modifications (other than adding a magwell) for years and thousands of rounds until the extractor broke. The trigger on mine was fine but I put in a C&S trigger kit and replaced the thumb safety at the same time. I also don't like the factory slide catch lever and put a 10-8 one in along with a 10-8 magazine release. I added an EGW
  15. cyberiad

    Sig P320

    I just bought one but won't be able to shoot it until next weekend. The trigger is pretty nice, it seems more like a Steyr M9/L9 trigger than a Glock to me. It comes with an injection molded kydex paddle holster but it was nice of Sig to include it and it fits very well. I shot my FS P250 in a couple of matches but had to have a kydex holster custom made for it. The 320 fits in the same holster because the P250 and P320 frames are identical.
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