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  1. Please read the forum rules... Politics Policy and political discussions or debates of any kind - even if you consider your opinions to be "facts" - are not welcome anywhere in the forum.
  2. Any reason why 9mm major will not be allowed for limited division? Why not make the minimum bullet 9mm? Any idea if this is feasible in the future? Thanks!
  3. Just an update. I finished the match with no gun problem or malfunctions. I can say i don't have lemon and V12 works! D:)
  4. I loaded the mags with 15rnds and i noticed that from time to time 15,14,13th round will nose dive. The tip of the brass will hit the front edge of the magazine and can't push the round out with your thumb. The 12th round and rest ammo no problem ejecting out of the magazine. Like what i have said it doesn't happen all the time. Just to let you know the last time i used it in our local match. I only loaded them with 12 rounds because the magazine spring looks weak if you put more than 12. We will see this Sunday.....
  5. Ok i will try that and see if the bullet will nose dive. By the way this is my 2nd 9mm major the other one works flawless...
  6. We will see this Sunday if everything will run smooth. I also cleaned the inside out of the magazines just to make sure. - 2 blue magazine with Henning H-400 Factory basepad - 2 chrome magazine with Factory Alu Pad for Mag Well (Gold Team / Limited) So what is a magazine spacer for? What does it look like?
  7. We have another local match this coming Sunday and i will let you guys know the result. So what is the magazine spacer looks like? I know the magazine that had 1 failure to feed looks different from my other three magazines. It's the one on the far left.
  8. Yes i did 2 months ago and it is used. I have shot probably 150+ rounds with 1 failure to feed before i got DQed which is another story. However I remember the magazine that had failure and it looks little bit different from the rest. What does the magazine spacer looks like? Sorry for my ignorance
  9. Brit, So you are saying out of the box it should handle major load with out modification? DoM
  10. Reason i'm asking is i bought one and have actually shot 9mm major on it in a local match. Everything seems to be fine. I just want to make sure that the gun is actually built for a major load before i shoot more.
  11. How will i know if the EAA Gold Team V12 is built for 9 major. Are they 9mm minor by factory standards and that you need to send it in to a gunsmith to have it converted so it can handle a major load? Thanks!
  12. Here in Wichita, KS seldom you see newly built house without basement. Professionally finished basement are insulated so don't have to worry about getting cold. During summer it's cozy to hangout and watch TV in the basement for is always cooler. For me i like basement better than upper level. It's just me
  13. Thanks for the link lot of information. Thanks ALL!
  14. How do you guys clean your compensator. Can i just soak the tip of my barrel on a glass of soap? How about Hopes bore cleaner?
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