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  1. Dave,, what about the brass in your post? shotbrass.com
  2. Looks like 9 major was well represented in the majors.
  3. I just saw he is trying to run minor loads,, my Trubor don't like minor.
  4. Doug Jones is the only one I've ever heard of doing this.. so what happens when he quits ?
  5. I have a friend who had his account froze for gun related stuff,,he did get his money but it took a while..
  6. You know when you show up on match day and realize it was last week !
  7. I started pin matches at my club,,went well for a few matches.Then some said its to hard to hit and knock them off the table. Even when I told them to just knock them down,they said it's to hard to hit them..
  8. Where did grip come from,,how old is it thanks Eddie

    are you firm on this price..

  9. GT. Targets makes the original ,,Terry Ashton star. MGM also makes one.
  10. EEH

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    When does work come in to make money ?
  11. Just field strip. If you do a revolver,I always took off side plate
  12. I havent pasted a target in any of the years I've shot the SC match.. Also the Alabama sectional has worked the same way,at least for the last 3years.
  13. Well once more I've almost got perfection .. Wish y'all could be here ?.?? Only 140 lbs
  14. Any of you guys tried Imr 4756 ?
  15. EEH

    Which one?

    Neither ,, Old classic car or new one
  16. Not the guys behind the counter but another customer and I were talking to sales rep..This customer was telling salesman a me,how glock is now making -- kel tec. Guns... I dod not know this! Hahahahahaha
  17. 32 here this morning,will be about 40 in the morning when we get to the range,just right for a match
  18. Now Now Sig Lady,,don't you know the buffalo run over them when they try to leave..That's why
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