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  1. Matt1911, You must be a man of few words, or maybe you just more learned. Member for six years and less than 300 post.
  2. EEH


    Where you been so long Bowevel
  3. That is one good looking dog .
  4. How did you get grams to fit mbx ?
  5. I have a shooting buddy that has two limbers both with over 25000 and no problems.
  6. When you try to get gas out of one of these things
  7. If you are not looking for 9major, there are some great deals on factory ammo. May be just as cheap to buy new .
  8. when I shot indoor matches we picked up after each shooter. If they did not want their brass we left it to the end. 38 super and supercomp can get bent pretty badly on cement floor. Never held up the match.
  9. And that’s why I failed english and spellin to
  10. Very well said Trace. One job I never wanted !
  11. When you look like this after one cup
  12. Well that makes sense, guess you need to get rid of that gas somewhere.
  13. Why won’t it handle major loads .. several makers have shorty guns shooting major. I think akai makes one.
  14. So I’ll give U 500 for that wore out trubor.
  15. They look like the zero Bullets
  16. EEH


    Got to admit I’ve never tried that one, but I like the idea.
  17. I’ve done stupid stuff just like that. The list is a very good idea.
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