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  1. Goldylocks,, you shot the Nationals,, how many shot 9 major
  2. I always wondered about those things, I left a few out also. Never hurt anything.
  3. I shoot with a guy that just got his RM and he says it’s legal. Why ? I don’t know.
  4. I like the start anywhere in shooting area or toes on marks. The stages I design do not have boxes.
  5. I’ve tried it one in one out both in don’t see any advantage so I just start in.
  6. Believe me how well I know how it is to be out there for 10 hours.
  7. To me, if the RO lets me start in the wrong position it should be a penalty on him.
  8. David Pearson We just lost one of my old time ,, favorite drivers,, drove woods brothers Mercury #21 RIP
  9. Why don’t you tell us really how you feel?
  10. I think with the gun on the table, with your eyes focused on the gun you can stand and pick it up just as quick as shooting seated ? I never shoot seated, It just feels more natural.
  11. There also has to be some talent. And willingness to want to be the best you can be,and you have it.
  12. Very nice shooting,all the work pays off. at 18 I could run like that.
  13. Daniel if you can’t find the problem . I’ll be at the toys for tots this Saturday, I have a die I’ll bring with me, just pm me if you need it.
  14. I have some old Dawson plus 2’s for my 140 mm for open
  15. I’ve never had to replace one of those.
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