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  1. Thanx everyone for the replies. Ok I just wanted to make sure. I would drive up to Dillon, but that's a 45 min. drive one way from my house. With the price of gas I DON'T THINK SO. I found some at Lowes. Thanx again Jeff
  2. I just received a 1000 rounds of lead and a couple hundred rounds into it. I heard this load pop that did not sound right. So I started looking around my bench and found the e-clip broken in half. Has anyone had one of these break?????
  3. Thank you for the replys everyone an the advise on the rounds to have on hand and the TruGrip. Jim it was great to meet you today THANK YOU AGAIN Jeff
  4. Thanx Boz1911 for the welcome Perefect, I have read a lot of praises on Chris. I had a feeling I was going to need a lot more brass. thanx for the reply Jeff
  5. Just purchased a Glock 35 and I am getting geared up for competing in production. I just sent Chris at cpwsa a email about him installing Sevigny Competition sight set with front FO. I am looking at a Blade Tech SRB holster, CR Belt, and CR Mag Pouches. I am not sure on what grip tape to get yet. I have been reloading for .40 S&W for my Glock 27. I just got rid of my Rock Chucker and upgraded to a RL 550 press. Is there anything I am missing beside range time with my new Glock. I do have a question for you guys what is a good amount of rounds to have on hand? I have 700 loaded and another 1,500 lead coming next week. Thanx Jeff
  6. Thanx G-ManBart & Mick for the welcome and the info. I think I have 1100 rounds of brass for the 40 S&W ready to start reloading. I have seen some of the events on TV and it looks like a blast. I want to end up in the Open Division as a get better. Jeff
  7. Hello Everyone, First post here, I have been checking things out and doing some reading. I have been thinking about competing for a while now. This year I finally decided to go for it. I think I have picked out a pistol to start with I'm thinking about a Glock 17C if I can find one if not just a plain Glock 17, with a couple of mods to it. I am looking for something lite in recoil because of an injury to my right hand acouple of years ago. Shooting the larger calibers still bothers me a little. Plus I all ready have 2500 rounds of 9mm loaded and ready to go. Is Production or Limited straight a good area for a newbie to start in? Thanx for reading my post Jeff
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