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  1. We run .22 rimfire precision optics out to 350y +. Taking a 9 mm out to 200 y isn’t a big deal. Just get a good velocity and then put in your pcc specifics into a ballistic solver (many available for your phone or JBM on line). This will give you a good starting point. Hit the range and confirm and record your dope. If using a red dot you will have to hold for all distances beyond your zero. If running a quality 1-4 or the like, you could dial for the longer targets. Hope this helps.
  2. Appreciate your post and the info Patrick. I guess the fact that the .224 V can be run on a small frame AR and recoil is less than the calibers normally run in a large frame AR is a good thing. Recoil management and being able to spot impacts is critical. Its certainly a significant step up from .223. That said, a 6 Creed in an AR10 platform with Sierra 110gr Matchkings w/ a .617 BC is far superior. Fed likes to compare the Valkyrie to the 6.5 Creed, but most aren't shooting it in a gas gun. Most have gone to a 6mm variant for recoil management. I mean if we want to shoot a gas gun in a PRS match, don't you want the best caliber / bullet / recoil combo? I'm not sure the small frame AR platform, the reduced recoil, and reduced bullet BC is worth it with the V. I guess it depends on the person and what they plan to do with the rifle. I may get an upper to mess with, but not seeing the benefits compared to other options.
  3. Zero at 100 yards. Anything past 100 yards will likely require an elevation or hold over adjustment, depending on the size of the target.. Learn to use a good ballistic calculator like Bballistic AE, Applied ballistics, Shooter, TRASOL, etc. Garbage in garbage out with these ballistic apps. Use the trajectory information in the app to make corrections and verify on the range at distance.
  4. Nick,


    How many rounds does the tube hold in the benelli you have posted in classifieds?


    Robert Adams


  5. Hi Everyone, We don’t get a lot of postings in this sub-forum. I thought I would give a quick review of my precision rifle rig and how I got here. I got the long range bug bad two years ago and have basically only been shooting percision rifle with a little USPSA. I’m running a Surgeon action, HawkHill barrel, MPA comp chassis and a Nightforce ATACR 5-25x56, Mrad, Mil-C reticle. Caliber is 6XC pushing the 110gr SMK w/H4350. My Smith is Hunter Phillips of HP Precision in TX. Hunter is a newer and up-and-coming rifle Smith, who is a Robert Gradous protégé. I can’t say enough about Hunter’s and Robert’s work. I highly recommend them if you’re going to have a custom rifle built. My rifle is an absolute hammer. My original rifle, a GA Precision built 6mm Creedmore was toast in 850 rounds. I smoked the barrel in 850 rounds running the 105 Beger Hybrids at 3050 ft./s. I decided to go to 6.5 caliber for bbl life, but didn’t like the recoil off of barricades and other shooting platforms. You have to be able to see your impacts in this game, if you don’t, you’ll have no idea how to make corrections. That said, a 6 mm is preferred in my opinion. Many are successful with 6.5, but I find the 6 mm much easier to shoot. My 6.5 experiment was short-lived and I talk to Robert Gradous about other 6mm’s that would give me better barrel life and he suggested the 6XC. He suggested running a 110-115 grain bullet (which both have great BC) at a slightly slower velocity. My current load with the Sierra is only going 2930 ft./s. I’m 7.4 mils at 1000. I’ve taken her out to 1200 yards and I feel I lose nothing with this caliber. I’m hoping for 1500 to 2000 rounds of barrel life with this combo, which should be realistic given the research. The MPA chassis is awesome. I really like the features of this chassis, especially the barricade stop which is very nice for shooting barricade stages, which you will see in almost every match. I also like the ability to move my bipod forward back on the bottom of the chassis. This is important if the bipod of the loud but the prop your shooting off of is small. There are many great chassis and stocks out there, so just pick one that is comfortable for you. I really love the J Allen chassis, but just can’t justify $1800 for a stock. I was running for Vortex optics, but after three of us all had problems with our AMG’s (All had to go back to vortex for repair), I decided to give NF a whirl. I loved the AMG and their reticle, especially the .2 wind holds. I decided to give the new NF Mil-C reticle a try. I shot one major match with this optic. Loved the reticle and optic. I feel the only downside to this reticle is the lack of wind holds off the lower vertical stadia. This is really helpful when doing holdover stages where you also have to hold for wind. Other than that I love the optic. For those considering getting into precision rifle, I suggest that you go into it with an open mind and check your ego at the door. Even if you’re a great pistol or three gun shooter, precision rifle is a whole other world. I got my ass handed to me in my first two major matches. I took what I learned in our local monthly PRS matches and in my first two majors and applied that to my third major. This helped me improve by over 30 places. I still have a long way to go, but if you’re willing to learn from your mistakes you can be successful in this game. I find it very challenging and I’m absolutely hooked on the sport. I will also say that you do not have to go out and buy all top tier gear to get into the sport. I’ve always wanted the best equipment, so I like buying great gear. That said s Ruger Precision rifle, a Savage, or a Bergara with a Vortex PST Gen 2 or a Bushnell optic is a great place to start and you can be very competitive. One of my good shooting friends kicks our asses with a Ruger Percision rifle (although highly modified) on a regular basis. To a large degree it’s the Indian not the arrow, but you do need a certain level of precision from your rifle/optic combination. As far as how to shoot stages, ask questions and just jump in with both feet. Shooters are very helpful and you’ll learn a lot after even one match. One piece of advice is to put all the points in the bank on the closer target. Learn and practice shooting off of barricades and various props. Efficiently settting up on these props and learning how to build a stable position quickly is the key. The pros look at the total points for a match and intend I shooting/hitting every target. Match winners are generally only down 10 or less points over a 15 or 20 stage match. The last thing I’ll suggest is shooting in the wind. Elevation corrections are easy and not hard to determine once you spend some time behind the rifle and confirm all your dope. Learning to shoot in the wind and making a good first wind call is a hard skill to learn. This is why it’s so important to be able to see your first round impact should you make a bad wind call. Hope this helps and I hope everybody had a nice Thanksgiving. Nick- PS- I’ve gotten out of 3gun and have a TSS shotgun and a JP upper available if anybody’s interested. They are posted in classifide section.
  6. Hey Dan, FYI, the 6 Dasher does feed from a box mag, but it is a special mag with a spacer to make up for the short OAL of the cartridge. The 6 Dasher is very popular, but requires a bit more work as you need to initially fire form Lapua brass. Velocity is high 2900-3000fpsh. In comparison, my 6Creed runs great on Hornady brass, (much less expensive and I'm annealing and on my 4X firing with tight primer pockets) and you can run velocities between 3K and 3100fps. The Dasher is sweet and very popular. I shot one the other day and recoil was very soft. That said, I'm not sure the added work of fire forming the brass, getting special mags, cost of Lapua brass is worth it as an entry level PRS caliber. Just my .02. Nick-
  7. Wow- 50 views and no responses. Can't believe no one in this forum has tried this optic. Oh well, worth a try.
  8. Really close to buying one of these with their mil reticle. Just a little reserved as PA is not one of the big name manufactures. Anyone have any experience with this optic? I read Alaskapopo's review and it was excellent. Looking for more info, another perspective. What you liked, didn't like, etc. I had a Razor G2 1-6X with JM reticle, but didn't care for the BDC reticle and at 500 yards I was looking for a little more magnification. This will go on a JP15 or a 16" .308 gas gun. Thanks, Nick-
  9. Any update on your project? Had a GAP Bolt gun in 6Creed and regret selling it. My accuracy node was @3050fps w/ 105 Hybrids, H4350, 20thou jump. Shot w/ a guy who had a GAP gas gun in 6Creed and his velocity was lower than mine. We shared same dope to 450 or so and then he started to need more elevation as we went further out. Thing was a laser all the way out to 1100.
  10. New Benelli M2's completely set up for 3gun are $2400 from Triangle. If you find one used or at a good price, the work is $850. $1000 for your M1 would be very fair w/ one bbl. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. That's great...I'll have him get in contact with you. He is back from Peru in late August. Thanks!!
  12. My son is moving to Pittsburg PA in August to attend graduate school at the Univ of Pitt. He is a USPSA Open div M and will be looking for USPSA, steel, or rimfire matches in the area. Any suggestion? He is also an avid waterfowl hunter. Any suggestions for duck hunting in the area. He will have no dog or boat Lastly, he is licensed to carry a firearm in MA. Does anyone know the legalities of him bringing his firearms to PA to shoot / hunt with? (He just got an apartment. Not living on campus). He will be in Pitt for 4-5 yrs while working on his PhD, but will remain a MA resident. We know he will need a non resident hunting license, but does he need to obtain a PA non resident LTCF or other firearms license? He does not plan to carry concealed, just shoot matches and hunt. I tried to call the sheriff's office in Pitt but kept getting disconnected. Any help is appreciated. Best, Nick- Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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