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  1. I would contact S&W on Monday see if they are ok with that
  2. Will be missed a great guy to be on the same squad with
  3. thanks that is what I am looking for also the data for 40 would be nice.
  4. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with American Select in 45 acp. I had a good friend that used it and loved it but he has pasted away and I do not have any of his loads
  5. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these mags. I am going to shoot single stack for and would like to know if these are good mag's. have have alot of older mags that are getting a little beat up. I even have some old devels so you can see I might need to up date.
  6. I used 8 gr. of universal clays with a 240-250 gr. cast lswc and get 1000 to 1050 fps out of a 4 in. Smith, this is a great load for most uses not to much recoil, accurate, and you can shoot it most of the day at the range. If you use it to hunt with you can tack most game with this load. I find when I load heave bullets and 296 or outher powders in this burn range I end up having to use a shooting glove because the guns will start to remove fleash from my hands and I can not shoot as well as I would like.
  7. I think that 1911 is much more reliable than a glock, I have one that I have been carrying since 1982, I have shoot uspsa with it carryed it on conoe trips down rivers in Alaska, back packing in both alaska and the rocky mountians. I have shoot game with it pratice till I could shoot 5.3 El Presidents back when I was 100 pounds lighter and 25 years younger.I have always shoot 200 grain lswc with a 190 power factor this gun started out as a series 70 that i have shoot and shoot. I have shoot grouse from the seat of a conoe in alaska to eat, shoot pissed off bagers that I have come acrosted while horse back riding in Idaho. The gun is on its second berrel and I still can make all my hits on a ipsc in the a Zone slow fire off hand. I have both M&P's and Glock's but they are much more ammo sensitive then the 1911. I know it will always go bang, it is much more reliable then any other gun I have.
  8. I aggree with several others if a pistole seems to have a accurace problem I ck it with 200 lead simi wad cutter, and 231 powder that has been the most accurate load in a 45acp for me going on 35 years.
  9. I was running a experiment for my on info and loaded 180 berry's in my p16-40 I long loaded them to 2.20 and used a midrange 10mm load got 1240 fps. gave me a power factor of 223.2 I only loaded 10 and it satisfied my curiosity, brass did not show a excessive amout of pressure but I do not load this load for everyday shooting. Also I use a midrange burn rate powder so I did not get a large fast presure spike.
  10. you might experiment with different lead mixtures, if the lead mixture is to hard it will lead the barrel. Also slug the barrel and see what size you should size the bullets too. Because at the speed that you are driving the bullet it should only lead a little and be easy to remove.
  11. arrendondos work and if you don't have them you can use the stock followers, I use both and can load 20 with dawson base pads
  12. paul gilman

    Mag tubes tight

    Take slide off and see if the trigger bow is out past the grove for it in frame. also put some dykem or magic marker on the tube and slide it in and out a few times to see where it is rubbing. also check the mag release and see if that is rubbing.
  13. I think it was more of CYA statement because he did not know if I would be able to do it and he said that I would not be able to get refund if it did not work
  14. about 2000 rds. I noticed this very early in my use of the pistol, I brought this up because interested in any way to make gun more accurate. It is acceptable at this time, can clear plate rack with no problem and shoot over 90% a's on most USPSA stages. I am just looking for ways to improve pistol
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