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  1. The 115's I use are all hollow points. I think having the cavity in front puts more weight into the rear of the bullet where it spins from the rifling. I have found HP's to be more accurate in my guns. Rifle primers seem to be able to take higher pressure. Not sure if that's a wives tale or not, but they have never failed me. Federals detonate on a lighter hammer strike. So for me, Federal Small Rifles have always been a successful part of the formula. Never needed to change. I run a shorty 9mm, or a full length 38super, both using a 10lb recoil spring. I use shock buffs. Don;t rec
  2. I run 115's in both my 38Supercomp and 9mm guns. It just depends how you like your guns to recoil. I have always found the 124/125 grain loads to be softer recoiling.... while the 115's tend to be more violent but faster & flatter shooting, which I prefer. There are tons of variables such as gun weight, power burn rate, barrel length, comp configuration, springs, etc. But the basic idea stands.
  3. Things get a little dicey when we are talking about both 115 grain and 124 grain loads in the Major 9. Big bad mistake if you mix the two up. For 115 specific loads, I can't see how you would EVER make major with N350 or 3N38. Probably ought to start a different post to collect Major-9 115 grain data.
  4. Is this data with a chrono we can trust, or are you still taking a shot in the dark (literally) with that laughable little tinker-toy?
  5. Some great stuff here. Thanks! I installed the primed catch tube by using a .40 case with the bottom cut off. If you square one end using needle nose pliers it fits exactly into the ejection hole. Sometimes primers would hang up on the inside edge of the .40 case sticking up into that little well, so I just dripped a little epoxy at the joint to smooth the path into the .40 case and everything now rolls fine into the plastic hose and off to the collection tank. Fantastic!! For the blue "ski jump" problem where new primers occasionally come leaving off the press... I just leave two primer
  6. BamBam

    What is it?

    SS - One other note about the baby/zen master thing. The similarities are not only in awareness, but you can also say in "appearance". Is it a coincidence that as babies we start the world bald, and that as we age and become wiser we eventually return to that very same appearance!! There is a Zen story that goes something like this: An American professor went to the East to learn about Zen. He met with a Master who sat him at a table and offered a cup of tea. He proceeded to fill the American's cup to the top and then kept pouring... thus spilling tea upon the table. The American prof
  7. BamBam

    What is it?

    A great book on the subject of Zen is called "Zen Flesh, Zen Bones" by Paul Reps. Another one is called "Only Don't Know" written by a Zen Master named Seung Sahn. The first book exposes the reader to many of the Zen "Koans" (the story-lessons that seem like riddles). Think of them as breadcrumbs that you eat as you follow their trail out of the forest. When you are out of the forest you no longer need them because you have arrived at your destination... and you have had a nice snack. HA! Read through the book more than once. Nothing this significant and life-changing is easy. The st
  8. BamBam

    What is it?

    Singlestack, look at it this way. Have you ever been in the Zen-present moment while shooting a stage? It would be one where you almost forgot that you were shooting. It didn't necessarily seem fast or slow, and you almost don't remember the individual action of pulling the trigger and engaging each target... but it turned out to be your best stage ever. Its close to Zen when you forget about the previous stage and you also are not thinking about the upcoming stages. When you are only shooting a single stage with single focus its close. But when you are in the "ZONE" and seem to forge
  9. BamBam

    What is it?

    It has been said that Zen exists in the moment where inhale changes to exhale. Think of life as an infinite series of immediate moments.
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