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  1. Bob, I gotta disagree with your disagreement. The XD barrel might be different.... FWIW I follow Schuelmann's instruction(basically what Eric wrote) for general barrel maintence with my SV's Schuelmann barrel and I have never had any problem due to barrel fouling in over 40k of Montana Gold 180gr JHP.
  2. As an owner of 10 SV 126mm and 1 SV 120mm mags, I always wondered why SV bother making the 126mm mags???? It doesn't fit the IPSC box so that leaves out the "Standard" crowd. And if the "Limited" crowd wants something longer then their 120mm mag, they will go with the 140mm for extra rounds.
  3. My SPS mags have the letters SPS stamped on the side of them.
  4. I lube the gun with oil like normal and then just apply SG on top of the oil.
  5. FWIW I use the SG#1 year round. This would include shooting in weather 0 degree Celcius and below both indoor and out. The "trick" I found was to lube with both oil(FP10) and SG. Which I guess it's basically the same mixture as the SG Lite.
  6. Actually, don't you want to load 6 and 4 instead of 5 in each.
  7. I replaced the factory SV Optifit ambi(with little screw) with Ed Brown's "tactical" ambi. I find Brown's thin paddle fits my hands the best.
  8. 1. Not enough of a differences to worry about it. 2. The Safariland 560 is the only one I can think of. 3. I have both and prefer the Ghost for Standard/Limited. 4. Most of us run 5 pouches(we are only allow 10rds per mag) up here. For me it means not having to carry a thick SV mag in my pocket as I start off with one from the pouch.
  9. I had a Tri-Glide trigger system in my SV. A couple of months back when I had to install a new fire control system in my gun, I went with a trigger bow without the tri-glide ball, but stuck with SV hammer, disconnector and Tri-glide sear spring. Both trigger jobs were done by the same gunsmith, and I haven't notice any difference in the "feel" of the trigger pull between the 2.
  10. Ken, my SV ejector is slighly extended. Like the ones on the top row. FWIW I agree with "racer", if it's working I won't worry about it.
  11. I stink at taking photos... any way here it is!
  12. YMMV but my experience with Clays in .45 was that it's slower when it's cold. When I used to shoot .45, I started adding 0.1gr of Clays for my winter match ammo. I went minor(168pf) one year at a Level 3 match when my rounds were chronoed in a uninsulated room.
  13. FWIW I needed 5.2gr of TG to make major(174pf) with Montana Gold 180gr JHP loaded to 1.200 out of my SV non-AET Schuemann barrel.
  14. Like the others I use Dillon's powder die, Redding's Competition Seating die and Lee Factory Crimp die on my 650.
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