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  1. I placed my order on 9/1 and received my Ammobot on 10/11.
  2. MAP

    Romeo1 Shroud

    In my view it is worth it. The Romeo 1 can damage easily.
  3. The weight is pressed on. I payed it off easily. Mike
  4. MAP

    Romeo1 Shroud

    You will need to re-zero once the shroud is installed.
  5. My personal experience with those primers is the same. They are very difficult to seat and, IMO, not worth the effort.
  6. I asked at SHOT, they said 2019. I was hoping for much sooner. Mike
  7. I spoke to one of the German engineers at SHOT. He indicated a long slide VP9 release at NRA and a factory extended mag laster in 2017. Mike
  8. How will this apply to the Sig P320?
  9. I spent 27+ years as an LEO in NJ between 1984 and 2011. AFAIK, NJSP never issued a .40 S&W pistol. Always 9mm. Mike
  10. Did you have to down load them at all? Or charge for .355 work? I'm going to do all the typical load development anyways to see what shoots properly and what makes power factor out of this specific model anyways. Just curious as for a starting point.Sent from my LGLS991 using Tapatalk Same charge.
  11. I've shot 8K + of the .357 Extreme 9mm through Sigs, Glocks and H&Ks. No problems at all. Mike
  12. Uniquetek makes one. A bit pricy but it works well. http://www.uniquetek.com/site/696296/product/T1555 Mike
  13. I believe that S&W does make 15 round magazines for the M&P.
  14. MAP

    9mm 135 bullet

    I load the Xtreme 135 RNFP at 1.100. I get more consistent velocity and the same accuracy when compared to loading longer. With 3.7 gn of N320 I get 968.7 fps.
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