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  1. As someone who used to process and load a lot of 223 on a 650, upgrading to an automated 1050 was the best thing I ever did. Lube the brass, dump it in the case feeder, and out the other side comes cases ready to load. Convert to the loading toolhead and load ammo. No need to handle the brass a 3rd time in between for crimped primer pockets. If you're going to initially buy your brass processed and without a crimped primer pocket, then the 750 becomes an economic option.
  2. I think these are still in testing with MBX Team shooters. That's why you haven't seen much on them yet. They're not listed for sale yet on the MBX site or their retailers. I've heard people switch to the ETS mags because they hold the round a little higher in relation to the bore and promote better feeding. Perhaps the metal mags would do the same in a more durable material. One complaint I've seen from people who have put large extended mags to hard use, is the extension can break off. The Glock 33rd mag bodies are plastic for the last 1" or so of the mag and most extensions only grasp the thin plastic lip of the magazine. A hard bump can and has sent mags flying apart. A metal mag body would possibly fix this issue.
  3. This guys's pretty long winded but if you go to the end he has some groups and velocities for the bullet with N140 and 8208. https://youtu.be/yWTQ-QowrVk
  4. Just curious, what does your club do with the "live round bucket" at your range?
  5. Check out the Mr. Shooter brass marker. I've used it for 223 and 9mm and puts a good mark on the cases. I size/trim 223 every time so basically have two buckets, new to me, and once fired by me. eventually it'll be 3x fired. You won't need to swage the primer pockets again, that's a once and done operation, and part of the reason to keep your brass and not mix it with other people's new brass. https://youtu.be/4tUEjm94fAo http://www.mrshooter.com/mrshooterbrassmarker.html
  6. I was looking at getting one of these. Did you end up buying one? What was it like?
  7. Hodgdon has some good precision loads for it with 69-77gr bullets. Top range in velocity. i had a 69gr load I used for a while before I switched to TAC since it meeted a lot better.
  8. I have one on an SV I own and didn't like it at first, but it was all just silly on my part. I never thumb cock these guns, always rack the slide, so it's a non-issue for me. Then again, I don't dryfire either so, there is that.
  9. See post #47. I was tempted to buy the new + model but instead bought another normal model and 32 gb memory card for $87. Hard to beat. Nice, thanks, I must have missed that. Looks like some good video quality. Hows the audio or people talking? sometimes I like to leave my camera running to catch people's reactions, jokes, and scores.
  10. Anybody seen or tried the Polaroid Cube? The new + model seems to have good quality, the only hit from reviews I've see has been on the sound. I wonder how good/bad it would be for our purposes. http://www.amazon.com/Polaroid-Lifestyle-Action-Camera-Stabilization/dp/B011OUS97K/ref=dp_ob_title_ce
  11. I run the Contour Roam 2 in their 3610 Headband, which is an elastic band that goes over my hat. It seems to work really well and gets the camera a little higher to see less of my arms and more of the targets being presented. The only downside is it doesn't capture what happens if I bring the gun really low to clear a malfunction, reload, or load a shotgun... but who has malfunctions anyway? lol https://youtu.be/cgSizjRjdas I end up taking all my video in 1080p 30 fps because that's my phones default, and then I render down to 720p 30fps for file size and upload time. I have been looking for other cameras since I'd like to step up to 1080p 60fps, but the GoPro seems to be the only one that has that or 4k... but I guess I really have to ask myself if I want to store files that large. I do know I want to go to 60fps since that seems to be so much smoother and capture more when you look through the video frame by frame. The GoPro Hero4 Session seems like a good candidate to step up to and they just lowered the price on them too. Has anyone had any first hand experience with them? http://www.amazon.com/GoPro-CHDHS-101-HERO4-Session/dp/B010H05JMQ/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1457632156&sr=1-3&keywords=gopro
  12. I've used both and have come to like the Big Hands version. I used the standard one for a long time and felt like it pushed my hand up, which was nice. Then I bought a new gun and it had the Big Hands magwell on it. At first I didn't like it because it didn't push my hand up and I felt like I had a little bit of wiggle room for my left hand position. I left it on anyway and got used to it and now swapping back and forth between guns I think I get more of the meat of my hand on the grip on the Big Hands version whereas the standard one seems to push my hand out away from the gun some. I've been shooting the Big Hands version for the last 1.5 years and have really gotten used to it, so much that I'm trying to trade/buy them to swap out on a couple of my other guns. I wear large gloves and have decently large meaty hands. I'd say try both if you can find someone near by who might have one to try.
  13. I make sure even my steel and plastic MSH are lubed. It's a metal plunger sliding up and down every time the gun fires, it needs to be lubed. Use some grease, make sure there aren't any large gauges in the plunger or MSH as well.
  14. I think the new Sierra Tipped Match King bullets can be loaded to mag length. They have a 69gr TMK with G1 BC of 0.375 and a 77gr TMK with G1 BC of .420 https://www.sierrabullets.com/store/product.cfm/sn/7177/224-dia-77-gr-Tipped-MatchKing-TMK
  15. Neat to see the things you guys are doing over there. Very interesting to me, to use the white side of the target as the "shoot" target. Certainly makes for better contrast than brown on a dirt hill.
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