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  1. Got to shoot a version of this one at Tri-county in the Portland Oregon area a couple weeks ago. They just left the 5th plate off the texas star and the star might have been a little further away. Made for a good Production challenge.
  2. You know I thought I saw a little twinkle in the corner of your eye!

  3. This a great match! Look forward to it every year. And this year there is a multigun match the day before at the Parma range. Yee haw!
  4. I was just going to add that I am going make a couple of your improvements as I am loading 9mm currently and am having lots of cases bounce off the subplate. I think today I'll try the shield and a little tuning of the case feeder plate. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Hmmm... let me give that some thought. Yeah- I'm strong. Oh- Hornady is sending a new one... the guy said no one has ever done that before. I feel proud in a silly way.... Well, he'd be lying on that one. I snapped mine in the same place after 50K or so. Definatly lying on that one, my dad's broke at around 40k. But Hornady replaced it quickly.
  6. Bowling Pin heads make good rifle targets at limited distances. We made a simulated plate rack using a 2x6 and 7 pin heads. To protect the 2x6 board we stapled a couple no-shoots flush with the top surface. I witnessed 223 and 6.8 bullets passing right through the pin heads and just knocking them a foot or so back and off of the board at about 20 yards. It was very difficult to find entry or exit holes. I believe they would last for large amount of shooters. We did have one guy shooting some kind of varmit bullets, they transferred a lot more energy into the pin heads and moved them back up into the muddy berm. I think they still were intact, but at that point we just grabbed new ones to replace them. To make the pin heads we used clamps and scrap wood to create a fixture on the chop saw. They cut easy.
  7. I have seen that $200 Bushnell in action and I was impressed, but I would like a little more magnification. And also the option of less magnification. Well now I am glad I asked about the Midway BSA scope as I thought that might be the only option less expensive then the Vortex ffp. I will definatly read up on the Falcon Menace and WORTAC scopes. My application is for a 308 Winchester SX-AR that I want to shoot out to 850 yards. The specific match has a set of targets out at 1335 yards but that is only a small portion of the match. Currently the rest of the targets are from 300 to 850 yards. Thanks for the suggestions, Rob
  8. Saw this in the new monthly midway flyer. BSA Tactical Mil-Mil Rifle Scope 30mm Tube 4-14x 44mm Side Focus 1/10 Mil Adjustments First Focal MRAD Reticle Matte $299.99 Save $100.00 Sale expires 12/31/2010 http://www.midwayusa.com/viewProduct/?productNumber=456482 "long range target shooting or for use on a 22 trainer" So is this the ticket?
  9. Since my last post I have had the rifle apart a couple times. With the barrel out a friend helped me throat the feedramps. Reassembled it and still had the same reoccurring jam, but I did finally notice it was happening only when using the right feed ramp. The gun is working now, BUT that is because the old A2 style upper receiver is reinstalled. My conclusion is that something is out of tolerance with the new flat top upper receiver. I'll be trying to get my money back soon.
  10. I tried out many of the suggestions. So far, 4 different magazines-- same problem extreme amount of lube -- less frequency, but still same problem one round in mag -- Wolf HP 55gr, consistently not enough gas to lock back bolt -- PMC Bronze fmj 55gr, locks bolt back everytime -- AE XM193 fmj 55gr, locks bolt back everytime Before changing the upper reciever the gun would shoot the Wolf HP 55gr but not the Wolf fmj 55gr. I also chrono'ed the HP wolf at about 2700 feet per second. The 5.56 XM193 chrono'ed at about 3200 feet per second. Small amount of leakage at gas block Also tried bolt out of M4, same problem And M4 lower, same problem The most interesting finding was that I had the same jam once while hand chambering a round. That was an insert magazine on closed bolt and try to rip the charging handle off to chamber the round. I don't see evidence of bullets catching on ledge between the m4 style reciever and the rifle style barrel extension. I am still weighing my options on correcting that issue. How about that for a jumbled mess of info! Rob
  11. I had my A2 style upper receiver swapped for an A3 w/ m4 feedramp cuts. The cuts on the barrel extension are regular rifle cuts. So my barrel receiver looks like the the picture below labeled "bad". The best the gun has performed is 20 rounds w/o malfuntion. I thought I had a gas problem. At its worst it jams with every shot. The malfuntion is always the same, bolt is stuck on top of case that it is trying to load. The round is moved about an inch forward with the bullet starting into the chamber, but the rear of the round is stuck under the bolt. Found this info in an old thread: Maybe, but I would expect a problem to be visible, or at least a bur you could feel with your finger. Does your barrel extension have M4 feedramps (i.e. cuts that go down to the aluminium of the upper receiver) or rifle feedramps that are only in the extension itself... see photo below (courtesy AR15barrels.com) ? Is there any evidence of damage or roughness on the offending side ? Anybody ever throated their rifle barrel extension -- making it into a m4 feedramp?
  12. Thanks open17 for the Bear creek number, so far I haven't caught him. Also, I looked up Precision Delta 230gr 45 caliber fmj's and they go for $114/K shipped when ordered in multiples of 2000. If I wanted to shoot fmj's in 45, personally I would try Precision Delta first. Rob
  13. I have shot Precision Delta in 40 s&w for a couple years and like them. They look like a better price than the Montana Gold's. I would like to try Bear Creek. Although I am not sure why, I didn't like Precision cast or Master blaster. Both gave me leading problems in a stock glock barrel. Anybody got a website for Bear Creek?
  14. I just wanted to point out that there is multigun match the following day at the range in Emmett Idaho. Probably an hour from the Parma range. Of course my plan is go to the State handgun match and the multigun.
  15. So are you saying that shooting from a helicopter will be an option for stage 10? Does the RO ride in the helicopter?
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