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  1. Maybe I'm reading something nasty into your post, like joy over someones difficulty, I hope not. My point is unless you've stood out there at the Cup with everyone watching and all the pressure, you have no idea how difficult the plates are. In recent history the plates seem to be a given which is indicates how much higher the skill level has risen, but they have been the downfall of many great shooters at one time or another. Edit to add: Congratulations to Doug and everyone who competed in what a noted shooter calls the Bermuda Triangle of shooting.
  2. It is kinda interesting that Jesse James would even bother to compete with those two clowns. He probably thought winning was so obvious that it'd be a piece of cake. The only thing I disagree with that writer about is that choppers are about riding. I don't know about you guys, but I love motorcycles, but I couldn't ride a rigid chopper very far before my kidneys would be bleeding. "Bieber against Led Zeppelin" That is so funny and so right on the mark. That is a great article thanks for posting the link, agree with it 100%. I know chopper guys who ride rigid full on choppers all over the country. I cant do it in my old age, but they won't be seen on a road sofa as they call bikes with rear suspensions. But they don't ride these mega buck tv style customs that will make it to the next bar maybe either. You either get the biker thing or you don't. Id walk in any biker bar anywhere with Jesse, Jr. ahh not so much.
  3. It's not unusual for any snubby to keyhole with certain loads. This trend of needing a very small very light handgun firing loads that would stop a charging rhino at both ends is not rational for my perspective. I carry a 442 quite a bit with medium loads that I can shoot more than one time without being blinded and my arm and hand feeling detached from my body. The Ruger looks like it has potential, only time will tell. There seems to be a lot of small parts inside it from what I've seen. Who knows they may build a full size version that is a competition world beater.
  4. You are getting good advice about seeking a gunsmith. When you think about how much you have invested in a frame, slide, and barrel it's smart to have somebody experienced to fit those parts right for you. These are things you normally get one chance to do it right and expensive if you don't. If you want to learn how get some cheap junk to learn on. Good luck.
  5. Are you going to have the upper barrel locking lugs sticking thru the slide?
  6. The cones are universal as to the diameter fitting the slide and there are a couple of different internal thread dimensions. The length of the cone can vary and could be shortened by your gunsmith if needed. Do you want holes in the cone to line up with the barrel or are trying to cover up the holes?
  7. They are good for preventing primer flow back when you're shooting insane loads. No offense to the insane load folks.
  8. I agree with the 28 or 30. If you are fairly tall you can use the 30 on skeet ok, otherwise go with the 28 for a good compromise. Remember when comparing to break open guns the receiver on the pumps and auto's adds 4" or so to the sighting plane. So a 28" auto is about equal to a 32" ou in effective sighting plane.
  9. 2alpha

    best semi

    When the OP said "clays" I thought sporting clays, if trap I would go with the Remington 1100, you see more of them than any other autos at the trap field.
  10. If you have to shoot minor use a pistol designed for minor which would be the Steelmaster, you can't go wrong with it. If the situation changed you could have someone build a major top end for it.
  11. 2alpha

    best semi

    Beretta 390-391 is very popular in sporting clays, the 303 is very well thought of and a great gun if you can find one. These are all gas guns, you don't see many recoil operated guns in clay shooting because of the recoil.
  12. Mealteam6 I can't stop laughing. First time I have ever seen a lathe ran by a man sitting on a milking stool. Keeps that belly from bumping the contol levers. I have acutally seen a large fellow kick the spindle on that way. Hey I'm glad someone got it. All the talk about showing shooters and the gun culture in a good light, I think the shows that highlight the abilities and genuine personalities of shooters is good for our image. A lot of the public have no idea of the athletic ability and skills that have been developed in the shooting sports. Something other than the overweight beer guzzling road sign shooting idiots we are usually portrayed as.
  13. JJ is a real biker, he walks the life not a pretender like so many, he might offend you. If not for the original documentary, "Motorcycle Mania", OCC and a lot of custom bike builders would still be unheard of and not rolling in the Discovery Channels big bucks. The whole "theme bike" thing is boring, when OCC built a bike for Hair Club of America well what can you say? They are building expensive props and calling them motorcycles. Junior has some talent but I'm not sure he would be much of a force without the huge head start, Senior is a no talent idiot if not actually jealous of his son at least allowing himself to be portrayed as. The 3 way build off was a joke, who didn't figure Jr would win? Discovery wants to keep that show going and Jesse is unpredictable. If you noticed at the big reveal Jr was holding a mic, Senior and Jesse neither had one so it was pretty obvious. I just hope Jesse got a paycheck.
  14. I was thinking the same thing when I read "high house". There is no high house in trap, there is one in skeet and a low house. Many people use the words skeet and trap interchangeably to describe clay bird shooting I've noticed.
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