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  1. Just contact Rothe-Waffen in Arnsberg ... www.rothe-waffen.de ... he might be able to help you
  2. Thanks for the info guys! Much appreciated! 25-30 inch pounds sound pretty much ... but when 30 inch pounds are even mentioned in the manual ... And with what kind of torque are you retighten the screws of the factory rear sight plate when you go back to iron sights?
  3. Hey! Does anybody know the torque specs for ... - the screws of the rearsight plate - the mounting screws of the Romeo 1 MRDS ... on the P320 X-Five? Thanks in advance! Greetings, Marijan
  4. @Shrek1 I pull off the tape after about 2 hours and correct the outlines (if neccessary).
  5. Yes, that helps :-) Thank you!
  6. Hi! Could anybody tell me what thread is used on the P320RX & P320 X-Five to mount the Romeo 1 MRDS? Is it no. 6-32, 6-40 or even 6-48? Thanks in advance! Greetings Marijan
  7. As to the question which adhesive I have used ... I just use J-B weld .. works the best (in my experience)
  8. Concerning grit size ... I have used 60 grit and it is a bit more coarse than skateboard tape.
  9. I have written a detailed how-to-manual for a german gun magazine as a part of a Glock Tuning Special. I will post the pics here asap ;-)
  10. mloch

    P320 X5 Basepads

    There are TTI base pads for the 320 out there ... look at the picture. But I haven't found them anywhere to purchase.
  11. Hey! I have done a grip Job on my P320 (adding silicium carbide with J-B weld). It is a problem ... rule wise ... in USPSA Production ... that the silicium carbide extends up to the slide lock lever? On the second picture you can see that the covered grip surface extends a tiny bit higher than the Talon Grip Tape. Just want to play safe before heading to the Nationals later in September. Thanks in advance! See you, Marijan
  12. mloch

    P320 X5 Thread

    @BC27 Definetely interested in a tutorial about your triggerwork on the 320
  13. @all: Thx for the info I will stick with my Gray Guns Trigger then ;-)
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