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  1. Now that this is a serious competition where place matters, should walkers and beer-leaguers take a pass on participating? That question sounds more harsh than I mean. I'm concerned that my casual walking attitude and occasional bird watching and snacking will insult the members of the 5th Group who are taking this very seriously. The last thing I want to ever do is insult them. The second to last thing I ever want to do is get in the way of someone who is in competition and hinder them. If someone can mess up and cause chaos, it's sadly me.
  2. Search around on Youtube for KC Eusebio's videos. He breaks down how to shoot each stage. They are very instructional. I found one:
  3. This is an old post from 7 years ago that I'm hoping others can add their recent experiences to the question: Does the RCBS lock-out die on a 550 mess up the ergonomics of the loader and process? I'm struggling to decide between a 550 or 650 and for emotional reasons need to use the RCBS lock-out die to double check my work. My shooting volume is small 300 to 500 rounds per month and I'm only planning to load 9mm for steel challenge and production.
  4. I may be bad, so here's my confession ..... I hate picking up brass .... my own and others. So I don't. So far nobody has pulled me aside to correct me. I think that the "loaders" are picking up my brass behind me and I'm certainly happy that they do so. I don't expect others to pick up my brass nor do I ever ask for it back from others. Its my donation to the Gun Gods. I don't reload and have no intention to do so. Frankly, I'm scared about lead/heavy metal exposure. In addition, I hate having to worry about finding my brass. The whole picking up brass process reminds me of looking for golf balls in the woods ... and this what I hate about golf. Well that is my confession .... am I a bad boy? If it matters, I shoot at clubs around Atlanta.
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