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  1. Hppay Thanksgiving Yall

  2. Nick,


    How many rounds does the tube hold in the benelli you have posted in classifieds?


    Robert Adams


  3. I have a firebird upper and lower with a 22 inch JP barrel. It is more accurate than I am. Know other with the same berrel that have been well satisfied with the accuracy.
  4. +1 on the surefire either no shift, or a repeatable shift of point of impact can be relied on.
  5. I can vouch for the criterion 308 barrels. Groups at 100 yards went from 3+ inches with the stock DPMS barrel to 1 inch or less at 100 using the same Fed GMM and Black Hills Match Ammo. Robert L2723
  6. Another excellant carbine match. Thanks to David and all of the folks who worked hard to make the match a sucess. Thanks from the RO's on stage 3 to the competitors for their help taping targets and being safe. Robert L2723
  7. Two hk maritime steel 30 rounds 2 old c products 40 round 1 brownells 20 for shooting underblow ports 1 surefire 60 still in the plastic. Robert
  8. Look on ebay. Euro optics has a demo scope on ebay right now with a "buy it now" for $750 with free shipping. I have bought several scopes from Alex of Euro optics. He supports competitive shooting and you can buy with confidence from him. Robert
  9. So what's a good price on used Meoptaq? I know so,some local that has one for sale I have seen the Meopta K-dots show up occasionally in the $600-$800 range used. A new z-dot is around a grand new. The k-dots were in the 800-900 range new. They are built pretty stout. Robert
  10. MTAC/TAC30 for a new scope, or watch for someone selling a Meoptaq K Dot that is up grading to something else. I have hit plates at 425 yards with 55 grn hornaday handloads.
  11. Dollar tree has blister packs Sunbeam AG13 which claim to be the same as LR44/AA76. The package has 6 or 8 in a flat for of course $1. Robert L2723
  12. I have 2 170's ( old SV's) and 5 140's ( 2 SV and 3 STI's) that I carry to matches. I own a couple of 140's with stock STI springs, followers, and plastic spacers that aren't reliable and will stay in the safe til they can be tuned and have the guts replaced. For almost any match, I start with either an SV 140 or 170 in the gun, the opposite in mag pouch 1, the back up 170 in pouch 2 and the other SV 140 in pouch 3; I use one of the STI's in my back pocket for a loader mag. These are the only 5 mags I use with regularity and honestly most rounds are fired out of the two 170's and 140 #1. I
  13. Some acquaintenances and I had access to 2 of them Saturday. They were used in 3 or 4 different rifles each with different types of ammo. I don't recall seeing a single a hiccup or failure to feed for any of the combinations. Not exactly scientific, but was enough to convince me I wanted one. Robert L2723
  14. Gramms Follewer/Spring sets with JL Hardy steel spacers from shooters connection. You may need to file/bevel the two legs of the "U" at the top of the steel spacers to fit at the top of the mags. I use the 170 length springs uncut because for the 140's I prefer reliability over maximum mag capacity. Running 21-22 in the 140's. Running 28 in one big stick and 29 in one with and SNL basepad that was sanded to fit the gauge. Robert Adams L2723
  15. I will be at a funeral the weekend for heritage, may be able to find someone at MB who will be at heritage to get it to you. Will let you know. Robert
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