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  1. yes it is, the setup crew is using the rooms in the basement.
  2. That was a mistake in the final reporting. Lee was not DQ'ed. He was bumped to open for grip tape on the trigger guard. It has been changed on the score sheet. The change is not up yet. But it has been brought up to Manny, so it will get done. I was the RM, I did not see the final results untill I got home. I had a great time. It would have been better if I spoke about 5 languages. There was about 150 foren shooters. The countries that were represented that I know of were, Jamaca, Barbados, Brazil, Russa, Ukraine, Germany and the Czech Republic. There might have been more but I am not sure. According to what Frank told me about a few of the production shooters, they will be fighting for the top spot at the World shoot! Tom
  3. Titegroup and Moly coated bullets are not a good combination. It will smoke quite a bit. What other powders do you have? Tom
  4. What is Univeral Ammo? Universal Ammo is Manny's new company making loaded ammo at Universal shooting Academy.
  5. Manny and Frank are doing the stages. I'm not sure if it will happen or not. Tom
  6. There is not going to be a chrono in the match, but, the steel will be calibrated using USPSA rules. Major/ minor will not be reconized because steel scores the same either way (1kd=1A). I will have a chrono there for the calibration ammo. Tom
  7. Hi, Registrations are comming in, Manny and Frank are finalizing the stages. We should have 10 stages about 300 rounds. I just made 150 more so we have that many. We are going to run the match weater we have 75 or 250. It is not going to be canceled so, make plans, come on down to Florida! Tom
  8. To clarify, as long as it is factory produced, 7's and 8's are ok. Cool!
  9. 9.4.2 Each hit visible on the scoring area of a paper no-shoot will be penalized the equivalent of twice the point value of a maximum scoring hit. Tom
  10. I should have addressed the second part also. It is possiable to have no score and recieve a zero for the stage. After the start siginal, say you had a squib on the 1st round, no time, no score. It is a zero for the stage. Tom
  11. You can stand down up untill the start signal. If you are loading and you find your gun broke, you have not started yet. "Are you ready" is a question, just reply NO. If pressed, just keep replying no. Eventually the RO should figure out you are not ready and tell you to ULSC and go fix your gun. Tom
  12. Short answer is Yep! It aplies to all COF's if that is what the walkthrougs says is the start position. Tom
  13. Many years ago, when certain rules in fact read differently concerning targets - AND, the scoring lines (A-B-C-D) were commonly printed on BOTH sides of the targets (i.e., white and tan sides) - I did design several stages along a "Friend or Foe" concept. The target presentations were always symetrical so as to ensure everyone had the same challenge ... The difference being that one did not know whether white/tan was friend/foe or foe/friend until after the start signal. IF there were still scoring zones printed on the white sides of the targets, I THINK one could still get away with this - given the wording of 4.1.2 ... However: Given the engrained mindset in our sport of White=NS, I suspect it could be argued those shooting white foe / tan friend would be at a slight disadvantage to those shooting the traditional way. I don't think so, says that the scoring paper must be a typical cardboad color. Tom
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