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  1. didn't work the image url!!!!
  2. I frequent a local indoor gun range where everyone leaves their shinny once fired brass laying all over the floor, then it becomes mine! its a mixed bag, but mostly WIN since thats what they sell for the range shooters. Its free and its mine! plus I follow the shooters at our fun match at my club, brass heaven! I'll use any brand.
  3. Your suppose to keep track? I have a constent river of mixed brass flowing thorugh my 34. I just inspect and load and shoot, if a case looks suspect at all it goes in the recycle bucket, otherwise it gets loaded. I do notice a difference in primer seating between different brass brands, so in that sense Winchester is my favorite. But when my loading day is done my tray is a full mix of manufactures.
  4. Thanks Guys, really appreciate your help. I have learned so much on these forums with the help of members like you, it's really a great to have this deep pool of knowledge to swim in!!
  5. Thanks guys, appreciate the help
  6. Reading some other post about brass and it makes me question my understanding of brass identification. How do you know a case is swagged primer pocket? anyone have a picture?
  7. I had a number of bullets that I needed to pull for various reasons. My question is after having seated bullet can it be reused? they appear to be in good condition other than the markings from previous crimp. can they be reused or should I just toss them in the recycle bin?
  8. I just picked up a Kimber stainless II in 9mm, LOVE IT
  9. .1568 not sure PETA would approve .....lol
  10. I have had a couple of poor reloads for what ever reason ,where I could not reuse the case but I had set a live primer into it already. I was told not to try and remove a live primer and to fill the case with WD-40. I would assume the WD-40 soaks the active ingredient in the primer and renders it inactive. Would this be the correct method of disposal. Of course I throw them in a coffee can filled with old motor oil and let them soak for a couple of days before I poor it all down the storm drain. just kidding !! about the storm drain, not the WD40. Thanks for all your help cheers
  11. Thanks Grumpy, I'll check that out. Shot the last of my 4.2 tonight at an outdoor range, very strange to find all the spent cases at my feet also shot first loads at 4.6 but I should have shot them last not first; to get a better idea of how they felt. Back to the loader to whip up another batch =Thanks again Cheers
  12. Thank you all for your help. Got the new scale last night, spent about 3 hours just powder feeding brass and pouring it into the Lee scale, taking measurment and then setting on new scale. spot on! took awhile to trust what I was seeing. Thanks again, cheers!
  13. My vote if I may, is for the Glock 34. Thats just me, I have shoot Sigs and S&W and always come back to my "blocky gripped to big for my hand Glock 34". If production is really the division you want to shoot. there is no reason to deal with the .40 when everyone shoots for minor score, now if you want to shoot Limited or L10 then the 35 or one of the many fine production guns listed in the rule book will do fine for any of the three divisions PRD - L - L10 Cheers Oh' wait im sorry I live in California I dont get as many choices as most of you. but I think I would still be shooting the 34 if I did.
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