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  1. Had the same issue with my Faxon barrel and got the same response from them on the PTG reamer. Ran a throating reamer as the chamber itself was good and the problems were fixed. If I had to do over again I would choose the JP barrel as I'm running their bolt. Found this posting from cking and its worth noting again: "Problem isn't a short chamber it is a short freebore/lead, drop a round in the barrel it should stop on case and spin freely if not, you bullet is hitting the rifling, Use a Clymer 9mm reamer it has a long lead freebore, careful to use a reamer stop you don't want to cut the chamber deeper." Just note, Faxton's barrel are now coming with 1/2-28TPI threading so make sure you get the appropriate 9mm muzzle device.
  2. Here's my email from Peacemaker this morning: We started processing them on the 15th and they are being mailed through USPS, so you should receive it this week. Thanks! Jennifer McCulloch Peacemaker National Training Center (304)279-5158
  3. Haven't recd that email. Could someone post a copy of it.
  4. FYI - From their Facebook page: MATCH CANCELATION NOTICE: After much effort and consideration, the MGM Ironman East Match has been regrettably canceled due to significant staffing shortages. All paid shooters have been sent an email to process their refunds. Please look for this email and respond to it so that refunds can be processed. We'll post more info on this thread regarding a 2017 match later this year. Thanks again to all the shooters, sponsors, and staff that committed to this effort. Cole McCulloch & The PNTC Match Team
  5. Trubl - What is the Armstec patent for?
  6. BallisticianX - That's funny he told you the same thing he told me two years ago: "You got the last of them from storage" Still pushing IP to take over the Tecloader production but its a long shot and tried the Arredondo tubes and their performance was less than satisfactory. Regardless, the Open tube-fed shotgun days are numbered.
  7. Still not working. Here the URL I'm getting after selecting the Next button: http://forums.brianenos.com/undefined
  8. Try beginning your forum's navigation from this (new) home page url: http://forums.brianenos.com/index.php?act=idx And I might suggest for everyone to bookmark that link, so you don't have to rely on the redirect that is currently taking the old forums link to their new location. Tried the new link and it still doesn't work - same error message. Maybe an issue with Firefox and Android?
  9. Accessing the forums for new content using my Android phone running the Firefox browser, it wouldn't advance to the next page. Getting an error: "The requested URL / undefined was not on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request." Any thoughts?
  10. Spoke with the company (Armstec) that makes them and they have put production on "hold" as the business is being sold to another firm so future production is questionable at this point. I've been lobbing lnvictus Practical to take over production but he doesn't feel it would be economically feasible. Unless something comes along the tube-fed Open shotgun is going the the way of the dodo-bird.
  11. Squad 8 - Team Brazil flew 18 hours to shoot the match.
  12. The part about "At least 25% of the lower A-zone, or the entire upper A-zone, must remain visible around hardcover or overlapping no-shoots" is clear. My question is it allowed for both - Having both the upper A/B-zone AND the lower 25% A-zone available at the same time?
  13. In all my years of shooting USPSA competitions this is the first I've come across that presentation. Showed the photo to an even more experienced shooter and he said the same thing.
  14. Nationals is over so what did you end up with?
  15. Doesn't sound like an issue with the A5 itself but overzealous gunsmithing.
  16. Interesting . . . Could you provide more details.
  17. Wow . . . approx.14,000 rnds/yr. That's impressive.
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