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  1. I run a surefire 60 rounder, haven't had any issues with it.
  2. Plus if you like open, shoot it. Don't be afraid to shoot open.
  3. I think it is better to start in open and work your way back down to the other divisions. Almost everything is easier in open. You can learn to call your shoots easier in open, learn to shoot on the move, work on your movement. I started in production, went to limited for a few years. I got stuck in b class so I went to open and made it to a class pretty quick and have been shooting in limited and am close to making a in limited now.
  4. Check out this on barrel twist.http://www.schuemann.com/Information/tabid/67/Default.aspx
  5. oh man that double spinner was, well easy....
  6. When Yancy and I compared factory mags at SMM3G I think we found at least three, maybe even four, different versions between us I don't think this is appropriate subject matter to be sharing on BE, maybe you two should get a room and keep it to yourselves Hey now, why cant two good looking guys compare the length and size of their mags at the range without getting snide remarks? Keep your mag envy to yourself... Oh craig, don't worry you still have a nicely sized mag.
  7. I normally use ac and love it. I tried hs-6 and found a black slurry of open gun after about 300 rounds. Auto comp is the bomb as far as i am concerned.
  8. Who cares about splits? The money is made in the transitions.
  9. Mike, welcome. Hope to see ya at some local matches. ;-)
  10. Have you considered an akdal mka 1919? You might want to look at that shot gun for open, a lot of parts will be coming out soon.
  11. I have one on my 2011 and one on my rifle. It seems a little small but i have got used to it. Tried the triangle for a while just couldn't get used to the shape. Overall I like the dot, just wish they made a 6moa dot.
  12. Both you guys already shoot a saiga, why would you want a 1919? I better get mine pimped first just to test them out for you two.
  13. has a rail mount, that sucks.
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