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  1. Cool video Harmon. Just curious, what made that stage illegal? With your experience, I bet Ed would let you in on the stage design if you offered.
  2. I agree, it is a lot of fun and the people I usually shoot with are a great bunch of people. One of the guys is in his 70s and he is wicked with his open gun. I just hope I'm still enjoying the sport when I'm his age. I wish I would have started USPSA 10 years ago.
  3. Well, I shot my first local match today (5th match total) with my new limited pistol and equipment. The pistol and equipment were flawless. Me........not so much! I ended up 7th out of 13 limited class shooters. Of course I'm still unclassified and at about 46%, it looks like I'll be a solid "C" when I do get classified! Not very impressive for a guy in my line of work! Anyway, I've got about 17 years of pistol shooting, I've read BE's book, and I still lost my head today during some of the stages. I know what to do, I've read what to do, but when the buzzer sounds, my finger runs like a GM and my eyes see like a blind man! I know I've got to slow down and shoot more alpha's. FRONT SIGHT. FRONT SIGNT. FRONT SIGHT. Well, at least I've got the euipment part under control. Now I've just need lots of practice! THANK YOU Brian for this site. I learn something EVERY SINGLE TIME I log on and read these posts. Also, thanks to all of the experienced shooters who share their talents with the rest of us.
  4. Does anyone know of a USA type mag pouch that is still adjustable after its placed on your belt. I've found it to be quite a pain in the a** to get these just the way I like. I'm fine with mine, but my shooting buddy wants to know if there is something a little more adjustable once its on your belt. Thanks, Trace
  5. Ditto. My SV LDC has a couple of thousand of precision black bullets with little cleaning. No ill effects here too. Are the black precision bullets the same as the "molly" coated bullets Wil talks about on his site? If so, it sounds like they could cause premature barrel wear.
  6. I couldn't pay for my pistols and ammo on my salary. My user name is a big clue to what I do though. Fortunately, my wife is a successful investment sales manager and doesn't gripe too much about supporting my habit!
  7. That is a sweet looking pistol! I really like the cuts. What kind of guide rod/spring weight are you running?
  8. OK...I did a search, but it appeared that most of the information is pretty old. So here is the question. My new (STI) limited pistol in 40 S&W was built with a Recoilmaster guide rod. I have no experience with them, but one of the more experienced shooters in my club immediately told me to take it out and install a standard full length guide rod. Should it be OK as long as I keep a spare? Are they more reliable than they were a few years ago? I consider the guy who built my gun to be a Master pistolsmith to the 3rd degree and would like to keep it the way he intended. But, I would like to know what recent experiences you have had with the RM guide rods. Thanks
  9. SWEET!! One less thing to mess with!
  10. I agree with you Merlin, it just goes against 17 years of prior instruction. I plan to do EXACTLY what he advises. I just wanted to see what some of you more experienced guys had to say.
  11. Well after about 10 weeks, my full custom limited pistol in .40 S&W arrived today and I am VERY happy with the results. I was asked to keep it "under the radar" so I won't "repeat" who built the pistol, but I let it slip in a previous post. Anyway, it looks and feels great. The following is a brief description: Built on an STI slide and frame with full length dust cover French border with front and rear cocking serrations Schuemann Ultimatch bull barrel Flat top serrated slide Rear serrations to include extractor and ejector Hard chrome on entire pistol Builders logo on the left side of the slide My initials on the right side of the slide 2.75 pound trigger Fiber optic front sight Ed Brown Ambi safety Recoil master guide rod I can't hardly wait to take it to the range. I read a little bit about the barrel on the Schuemann webite and had a little question about cleaning. The maker of the barrel seems to indicate he wouldn't put anything but bullets through the barrel. Does anyone have additional input on barrel cleaning? I've certainly been going to much greater lengths to clean my barrels in the past!!
  12. Littering is one of the few Class C Misdemeanors that I ever get involved with because I absolutely hate it. In my opinion, I think it is very LOW class. Cigarette butts are nasty and they're everywhere. Very often I'll drive into my office parking lot (DPS/State Police office) and see a person smoking as they are walking towards the door. Even with the cigarette disposal right there, they usually throw them down on the ground. Every time I see it, I confront them and make them pick them up.
  13. OK here is another symptom, please diagnose the problem. I qualified with this pistol on Monday. All four magazines worked fed perfectly with Magtech ammo. The pistol was flawless. Only one of the magazines locked the slide back. Honestly, I can live with that, as long as the mags feed well. The STI pistols are awesome. The stock STI mags are not so good. If I had $500.00 lying around, I would buy 4 tuned mags from Brazos. I've been jacking with these things since I got home. Get this...... ALL of the stock sti mags feed magtech 100%. With 3 of them...When you load Silvertips, on about the 5-7th round, the follower/round gets in a bind and you can shake the bullets ouf of the tube. You then have to bang it around or use something to pry the follower and one remaining silvertip out of the tube. HOWEVER.....................if I load 1 magtech round and then 16 silvertips it appears the magazine will function. WTF!! I'm sick of messing with it. If this was a game gun, it wouldn't be a big deal. But, since plan to carry it at work,,,I want it to work 100%. I don't give a darn about the slide locking back. I want it to load and feed EVERY time. I will probably buy one Brazos mag a month for the next several months to keep the Wife off my buttocks!!
  14. OK, some investigator I am!! The basepads came with a set of instructions which indicated where to file the tube if needed. I was able to fit them in about 25 minutes this morning. However, they are still quite a bit tighter than the other two that just slide on with ease.
  15. Thanks, it looks like they are too thick. THe base will start, but only goes a mm or so and gets stuck. I started with #2 but stopped. My file wasn't taking off much metal and I was running out of time anyway. I'll try again tonight.
  16. I was in Florence today to qualify so I paid a little visit to Dawson Precision afterwards. While there I picked up a few +1 base pads for my Eagle. Two of the magazines worked perfectly with them, but I suspect the lips of the other two are a little out of spec. Does anyone have any advice on how to fit the magazines to the base pads? I tried a little with a file and a stone but gave up before I did any damage. BYW, Super Dave showd me how to fix the slide lock problem with the squeeze of a pair of pliars. Now all 4 mags lock the slide on an empty magazine.
  17. Thats a wicked looking pistol........those Texans can build some awesome pistols can't they!!
  18. My FKS-11 kit is 11 coils long, (on my website also) and as I stated you can use them "as is" without cutting coils. It is usually not needed for function, but it will decrease capacity by one or two. It is just a lot of extra spring to get into the mag and get the base pad on at the same time, I can precut them for you if you want, if you order them from me directly. If you are having Brazos do the installation, then they will certainly get the job done for you. Call me for full details and suggestions. Thanks again, I looked at your site a little too fast and missed the FKS-11 the first time. I will give you a call today.
  19. Hi rangertrace, I would suspect the semi wadcutter ammo is too long for the mag tube, and this is why it jammed in the mag where the "Magtech" ammo did not. Changing the spring and follower to any thing else will not fix a "too long" of ammo problem. If you do decide to change to the Grams Follower Kit, use Part # FKS-11, as is for now. You can cut up to 2 coils off if using them in a "126" tube, but this will only need to be done for capacity reasons. The follower is designed to be tuned for slide lock operation. There are many threads and posts about slide lock and mag function issues here, but I would be happy to discuss any of your magazine issues by phone if you want to call me direct. Thanks for your response. I noticed on the Brazos Custom site that he sells 11 coil kits for the shorter tubes. Would that one be acceptable? I would like a more reliable and more durable follower/spring for duty use. I don't feel comfortable cutting coils myself and I would rather someone else "fit" the followers. I'm a certified 1911 armorer....but when I have access to the pros, I would rather have the pros do the fitting.
  20. It will be shot a lot before I actually carry it at work. I have plenty of other "duty" guns. I would just like to get the magazines "right" without spending a lot of money. I've already got $2,300 tied up with it and 4 magazines. The gun was tuned and Chromed by Virgil Tripp. The mags are stock STI and compared to his Cobramags.....they are pretty rough.
  21. I should probably add that the magazines are 126mm. I checked the grams site and they only over springs and followers for the longer tubes.
  22. I just received three STI magazines for my Eagle in 38 Super, which gives me a total of 4. I loaded the magazines to capacity and cycled the live rounds through the pistol to test for function. With Magtech ammo they all cycled perfectly, but 2 of them did not lock the slide back. I then tried a box of WWB with a sort of semi wadcutter bullet. I could only load about 5 in the magazines before they would jam up inside the tube! I suspect bad ammo, but I'm very inexperienced with STIs. However, the same ammo would work fine in my SS mags in my CQB. Any ideas? BTW, this will be a duty gun not a game gun.
  23. I have to agree with Merlin. I am not stout and prefer the USA because they are easier to grab the mags without grabbing some shirt with it. I am now using the Gugas - only because USA do not offer it in blue. Thanks for the replies. I ordered 4 from USA this morning. Manny said they would take a small amount of modification to make them left handed, but he would take care of that for me!!
  24. Also, are they ambidextrous? The girl who answered the phone at USA did not know for sure and Frank has not returned my email yet.
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