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  1. I borrowed one from a local shooter at our last classifier match and shot open for the first time. I really liked it and it ran like a champ. It only had one problem, the dot kept disappearing on the stong hand/weak hand stages.
  2. I watched half of it last night. It was VERY funny I look forward to watching the rest of it tonight
  3. That is exactly why I have EVERYTHING shipped to my office. There is always someone there to sign for packages during normal business hours.
  4. That is AWESOME! Target focus the whole time with a dot sight, right? If so, I really can't wait for my open gun to get here. It may really help my 40 year old eyes.
  5. +1, We have a Liberty Washington 40 cubic feet safe anchored to the floor. Their glossy paint is very nice looking and I have mine in the living room, next to the fire place. We have more documents, photos and such in it than guns, but it is comforting to have it.
  6. Remember that this is a game/sport that is supposed to be fun. If you push yourself too hard or put too much pressure on yourself, you might not have fun anymore. I've told myself that I'm going to work as hard as I can at this sport/game until it starts to feel like work and then back off just a little bit. If you don't feel like picking up your gun right now, take a few weeks off and enjoy other things. Once you're feeling fresh and missing it (and you will) get back to shooting.
  7. Thanks Eric!! I don't even know when I will shoot production anyway. My Benny Open Gun will be here by the end of the month and I still love Limited I just wanted another pistol!
  8. I wish I would have read this thread before I purchased my G17 yesterday I've had a G33 for years but never learned all of the Model numbers or looked closely at the approved production pistols list. Had I known the 34 was production legal, I would have ordered one of those. This is a great example of an uninformed purchase (trade). Oh well, I do like 5" STIs, so maybe I'll love this gun
  9. Freedom Gunworks tuned mags for me. Three 140s and one 170.
  10. +1 I have a bunch of dummy rounds and my dry fire mag that I keep away from my live fire bag. WAY AWAY!
  11. RangerTrace

    Glock RTF Frame

    I bought a Glock 17 RTF yesterday for some future Productions shooting. I might not have done so, if I'd known it wasn't legal in production yet. I think the grip is WAY better than the older models.
  12. Very nice. I need one of those pistol stands for taking photos!!
  13. I had the exact same issue a few weeks ago with a new AFTEC after it was installed by a gunsmith. I would have 5-6 FTFs on a 24 round stage. After reading about AFTEC issues on here and talking to Derek, I stoned the AFTEC springs a little bit. I had already tried sqeezing the springs with pliers. Now it runs like a champ.
  14. I try to end all of my live fire sessions with at least one magazine of group shooting. Where I practice, I'm limited to a distance of about 30 yards and I'll usually put a paper plate at that range. I've found that I shoot my best groups if I'll only shoot 1-2 rounds at a time. If I try to shoot the whole mag at once, the group really opens up.
  15. Change sucks for most of us I think. IHope this one works out well for you and maybe you'll end of on the FBI Gun Range in a very short time. Take care Brother
  16. That looks really nice, but where is the double undercut
  17. My wife and I are in week 8. It really is amazing. I've always worked out, but this program has already produced some awesome results.
  18. The same thing happened to my brother-in-law aabout 10 years ago. He has fully recovered. She'll be fine. Think positive.
  19. Sounds like fun..............I can't wait
  20. You might try cutting one coil off of the spring.
  21. Mike, I can't imagine going to work every day and hating it. That would suck. But at least you have a good job and there are a lot of folks out of work these days. If your current position is rock solid, I'd say tough it out until you are sure what you want to do. If not, you'll just be hating that job too. I'm with you on the wife/breadwinner thing. It is nice, but if I made a career change, I would do my best to change that. Remember the "ex-wives" thing. Stuff happens! I love my job, but I would still rather stay home than go to work.
  22. AM workouts for us. I hate it, but it is the only way I can be sure to get it in. Here is how we do it round here: Alarm goes of at 5:00 AM I get up and make NOxplode drinks for my wife and I I drink the pre-workout drink and enjoy the Enos site while my mind/body wakes up We then workout from 5:45 to 7:00 AM (P90X style) I do not like working out in the morning, but P90X gives you plenty of time to warm-up and stretch before it kicks your Axx. By the way, I was VERY skeptical about P90X, but we just completed week #6 and I've lost 12 pounds and two inches from my gut. I'm sold on this thing now and I've been a gym rat for 20 years .
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