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  1. For me, one of the worst things about reloading was having to handle and place each projectile. Gets really old in the cold months in the garage.  I still don't have my BFF working 100% and it's already twice a fast as without one.  Part of my problem is that I load a lot in a weekend and won't touch it for months.  I need to start loading a few hundred rounds every week, just to keep it all fresh in my mind.


    All that said, get a bullet feeder and a can of patience.

  2. 3 hours ago, cruisermites said:

    I did talked to him and showed it. No warranties. They have a pile of broken sv grips down their shop. They informed sv about this but nothing came out of it. 

    In their defense, it wasn't installed my the factory.  


    Now see if you can import a Cheely E2 grip and you won't have to worry about cracks again.

  3. On 2/4/2020 at 11:44 AM, scduckman03 said:

    Talked with someone today at Zev, and from what she said they have narrowed down the issue to a small batch of barrels. Not sure if they are gonna do anything else to pistol before they send it back. She assured me that the pistol has a lifetime warranty, and that if I had anymore problems they would take care of it.  

    I'm glad they will fix it.  Just can't have that in a duty gun and that is where they are trying to market the gun.

  4. 15 hours ago, zzt said:

    It has been my experience that if the first couple of rounds fail to feed it is because of TOO MUCH spring tension.  Condition the springs by leaving the mags fully loaded for a week or more.  Two weeks seems to do it for 2011 mags.  10-round 1911 9mm mags are another story.  It took 5 weeks of 'conditioning' before the first round would feed and not nose dive.

    Brandon Strayer must not know what he's talking about then......

  5. On 2/4/2020 at 8:28 PM, BillJ said:

    Need help recently switched to 9 major from 38SC. Both my guns run flawlessly with all 3 size MBX mags which are my MATCH mags however I have a bunch of Gen 2 mags that have issues with. I am running Gen 2 bodies Grams guts and TTI basepads and the first few rounds tend to dive. The 170’s are a lot worse the the 140s. Springs are all brand new left loaded for a week to set.Now my question is am I better off to get these running as practice mags or just scrap  them and go all MBX  I don’t know That much about GEN 2s

    When you are only having the first few rounds of a fully loaded magazine FTF, in my experience, it's not enough spring tension.  The last time I spoke to Beven, he wasn't even sure if his kits would work with the Gen2 tubes, but maybe that has changed......

  6. I just swapped over the NEXBELT ratchet belts for work and IDPA.  I love their EDC models.  The buckles aren't anything to look at really, but the adjustment on these things is so much better than a standard belt/buckle combination.



  7. 10 hours ago, WadetheSpade95 said:

    Wanting to get into PRS. Being left handed I have a few different options. Shoot a gas gun and make Ambi, use right handed gun and manipulate action, or get left handed gun. 

    I can get an incredible deal on a Ruger Precision chambered in any caliber I want. Is it reasonable to think I can shoot in PRS using a right handed gun and manipulate with left hand or right hand? 

    Appreciate any advice 

    Another Lefty here.  While I don't shoot PRS I am sponsored by a company that builds those rifles and we've talked about this very thing for me.  I've never owned a left handed bolt gun, but have shot right handed ones since I was a kid.  I think in a PRS match there would be an advantage to keeping your strong handed mounted on the gun, while your weak hand manipulates the bolt.  And more importantly, when you decide to sell the rifle, a left handed one is MUCH harder to sell.

  8. 1 hour ago, ltdmstr said:

    If fed or LEO customers encounter the same issues that competition shooters do, word will get out real quick.  It's one thing if guns break or just plain don't work when you're shooting at paper targets.  Obviously a whole different level when lives are on the line.  Given STI's track record in recent years, I'd seriously question the judgment of any agency that decides to issue or authorize STI products for duty use.

    I'm not a rookie shooter and certainly not a rookie cop.  I've been shooting competitively since 2008 and a cop since 1992.  I've had several different STI pistols since 2008 and the 3 that I currently own are simply better pistols.  They have dialed in the mag body, follower and slide stop relationship or so it seems.  I love the new pistols.  And just to make sure my experience wasn't a fluke, I called the US Marshals and asked about their STI experience.  They are extremely happy with the performance of their pistols.  The test goes on.....

  9. 35 minutes ago, Ssanders224 said:

    As someone who works for a company that sells to and deals with LE departments every day, and has for decades..... I’d hate to know I had to start pushing $2000 handguns. Are their niche agencies that may approve/purchase them? Probably.  But you’d get looked at like you were insane at 99% of depts you walked into. 

    Also, I have a safe full of 2011s in various configurations, and have shot & worked on them for years. I love the platform. That being said, I’d have a hard time pushing it as a duty weapon with a clear conscience. 

    No question, true gun guys that know how to maintain and shoot these gun should be the only ones buying them.  However, I've found with these latest Gen 2011 pistols, all you need is a better/longer mag spring to feed flat nosed JHP ammo.

  10. 3 hours ago, praetorian97 said:


    Most agencies across the country do not have the budget to outfit the staff with 2011 style pistols. My full time gig deals with this. Hell they don't even have the ammo budget we would all want them to have.


    The smaller departments make up the majority of the agencies across the US so I don't see them going after regular department contracts. Most likely as mentioned above, trying to hit the larger budget agencies. This doesn't make sense to me cause they are way fewer.

    They don't have to have agency sales when the individual LEO can buy and carry.  Rangers have purchased 100+ of them in the last 6 months with their own $$.

  11. 26 minutes ago, Bwillis said:

    I chuckled when I read @tha1000 exploded dawson inserts, while I never exploded one I gouged them extremely fast. So it gives me confidence that I switched to the Limcat and his held up so well. Here’s mine I installed in October and my gun was gone all of November and December. I do shoot a lot and dryfire 5/7 nights a week 


    You're supposed to aim for the hole in the middle........LOL

  12. On 1/17/2020 at 8:22 AM, Magsz said:




    Are you aware that there is a significant discount on OZ9's for LEO's?


    The OZ9 after discount is four hundred dollars less than the STI unless you have a different discount pathway.


    Thanks for the answers to my above questions bud!

    I can get a Stacatto P for 1400 + tax.  

  13. On 1/17/2020 at 8:10 AM, CarlB86 said:

    Just because someone can buy an STI for less, doesn't necessarily mean you should though.

    Agreed.  Some people prefer a Gucci Glock and thats why they sell so well.  For me, the best Glock trigger I've ever felt, didn't come close to a production grade 1911 trigger.  But thats my preference.  

  14. 12 hours ago, Magsz said:

    Is this a recall specific to that trigger, or specific to the OZ9 WITH that trigger?

    I have several of their older flat faced triggers that have been 100% reliable but id like more info on that recall if you have anything to share.

    Myself and two other coworkers had the ZEV flat triggers.  2 in OZ9s and 1 in a G17.  All three shooters had issues with fully depressing the trigger safety during full speed drills causing failures to fire or delayed firing.  ZEV acknowledged the issue and stared using a larger tab.

  15. 12 hours ago, Magsz said:


    I have plenty of Glocks that have wear marks on the top of the slides from the barrel hood.

    Can you give us some more info about your co-worker if you have it?  Was he firing a steady diet of 124 grain nato rounds or reloaded cloud puffs?  Total round counts on the guns?  I THINK that this may be the only report of a catastrophic failure of an OZ9 like that.  Im super curious to hear more.  Also, that statement above is a little disingenuous for those of us that get discounts.  After the discount, the zev OZ9 pistol is significantly cheaper than the STI.

    All factory ammo, he  doesn't reload.  115s mostly and round count would be under 3k.  I don't know what you mean when you say "disingenuous"....for my discount, I can buy an STI for less than an OZ9. 

  16. 3 hours ago, midvalleyshooter said:

    Hi, I'm looking for suggestions on a good all around holster for a Glock 19?


    My plan is to focus on shooting my Glock 19's for 2020. I want to see how much I can improve shooting the 19's and I want one do it with a holster I can conceal as well as use it on the range. I have an old school Bladetech that I may use but I'm looking for other suggestions as well. The Bladetech does not conceal well honestly.


    Thanks in advance,


    Red Hill Tactical's Tight and Tucked if you need to do both.....

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