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  1. The Tri-County Gun Club in Sherwood, OR (outside of Portland) does an "outlaw" SC match on the 1st Sunday of the month. They may occasionally use a SC course but they mostly use stages of their own design and generally change them up from match to match. Oregon Speed Steel About 90 minutes south of Portland off of I-5 the Albany Rifle and Pistol Club has a speed steel style match on the 4th Sunday of each month. I believe they also use courses of their own design. ARPC speed steel
  2. My first open gun was assembled using the STI wide frame (.920 width). I've noticed though when looking at other people's open guns that most of them are built on the STI standard frame (.830 width). When I brought this up with another open shooter they pointed out that my frame being a bit heavier has some more weight lower but he also pointed out that many of the c-more mounts are made for the .830 width. I'm contemplating a new open gun and was wondering which width people prefer and any pros or cons to each? Or does it even matter since I'm not a high level competitor.
  3. Hi DrLove, If you're going to be at Dundee next weekend (or I can bring it to work) I can let you borrow my ABC's of reloading. I read it when I was beginning reloading and found it very helpful For the crimp die, you'll need to change out the roll crimp for a taper crimp die. Mac
  4. I like that even with a bad day of shooting a good squad can keep it fun and enjoyable. The last two matches I've attended my performance has been less than what I expect of myself. Some of you know what I'm talking about. As soon as the buzzer sounds you've forgotten everything about how you "planned" to shoot the COF. Walking with the RO and hearing "alpha-charlie, two alpha, two alpha, alpha-mike..." Swearing up and down you have the sites lined up when you break the shot on that mini-popper that just won't fall. So as I'm sitting here smoking a cigar reviewing the rmatch esults and some video of my ineptness I wonder why I wasn't more "bummed" but still excited to attend the next match. And I remembered even though the competetive shooting part of the match was not good the people I was shooting with more than made up for it. Everybody was upbeat, having fun, exchanging good natured ribbing. I left a popper standing during on COF and one of my squadmates suggested that if I was going to leave one standing I should leave the far one up so he didn't have to walk as far During the second match a Master Open shooter figured I was fairly new, I've only been competing in USPSA for about a year, and offered some advice on something he noticed I was doing and instead of just telling me what I was doing wrong he suggested some drills to practice to help improve the skills. Same match I was able to bend a squadmates ear on his opinion on custom build vs. semi-custom for a Limited Pistol I've been considering in the future. Another shooter gave me 100 precision 115gr 9mm bullets to try to see if I liked them when I mentioned I was still tinkering with my competition load. I want to thank all the folks who I've shot with recently, Mark O. Eric F, Jerry "The Geek", Doug N. Roger N, Guy N, Neal T, and anybody I've forgotten, at Dundee and TCGC in Oregon for making this fun sport even more enjoyable. John "Mac" M.
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