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  1. LoneRider


    Love my Sp-101 3 1/6"
  2. Just north of Tyler. Looking for somewhere to shoot a 3-gun match!
  3. I've got a Saiga 7.62x39 rifle. Does anyone use the AK type platform in 3-Gun? It would go with my 1911 and Mossberg pump.
  4. Just got a 1911, which grips are better for competition, Rubber Finger Groove, Wood, Stag? I have gotten 3 different opinions, need more! Tell me your's and why!
  5. CDP ? I'm really confused now!!! How is a stock 1911 Custom? Then you can only use an 8 round mag max? I need to get all this straight before buying mags ect. I'm getting a Rock Island Tactical version and want to be legal before going to a match with it. I've shot a match with my Ruger P95 but want to try with a 1911. I'm not ever going to win anything it's just FUN!!
  6. I'm a little confused The way I read IDPA rules a stock 1911 is Enhanced Service Pistol right? Why is it considered "Enhanced" ?? Am I wrong?? And why??
  7. I know that original 45acp ammo was lead but is there any drawbacks to using Moly Coated lead bullets in a Rock Island 1911 for IDPA ?? Commercial ammo is just too expensive and I load for Cowboy shooting and don't see any reason not to reload for IDPA also. OPINIONS????
  8. LoneRider

    IDPA Vests?

    OK, that makes sense. But I just don't really like vests anyway.My BDU shirt works just fine and I got it for $12.95. It's just right now that it's a little chilly, if it gets too hot this summer I'll just roll the sleeves up. I'm used to wearing long sleeves shooting Cowboy so it won't be a problem.
  9. OK, None of the clubs around here are inside so I won't need them.
  10. Why do I need night sights??? Or a flashlight??
  11. I shot my 1st IDPA match Sat and had a great time!!
  12. LoneRider

    IDPA Vests?

    Don't understand the 'vest' thing? If I saw someone wearing one of those vests at the local Wal-Mart I would know thye are carrying! I just use an old BDU shirt, plenty of pockets and lighter.
  13. Wow, Had a great time at my first IDPA match Sat. !!! Had a little trouble remembering to flip the safety off when drawing the pistol All the targets were covered with black garbage bags for some reason so I wasn't real sure where the center area was. Most of my shots were 1-3" low shooting w/2 hands. For some reason all shots 1 handed were dead center! By the end of the day they were calling me "Gut Shooter" Had no trouble with the steel...knocked them all down with first shot! Will go back, in fact a different club shoots this weekend, planning to go shoot there. This may be as addictive as Cowboy Shooting!
  14. Yea, They say it's supposed to sleet tonight!
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