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  1. Mayonaise

    Firing Pin wear

    Glock firing pins are machined stock. They are not MIM as much as many people would like to believe. Locking blocks and extractors are MIM. On G42 and G43 add firing pin safety to the MIM list.
  2. Hey! I know that guy. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. He was a good guy. Had the pleasure to meet him a few times. When I say he was a true gunman I mean that literally. Right up there with Hack and Cirillo.
  4. Yes, the slide stop is different. That said, Vickers says that his aftermarket part works in both. I can't confirm that. Sent from Tapatalk
  5. Only common parts for the G42 and G43 F.Pin Spring and Cups F.Pin Safety spring Front and rear Sights Locking Block Slide Lock Spring
  6. How old is the recoil spring? Ammo type? check the extractor for chips. Do all this before monkeying around with parts for different models or generations.
  7. Get a Lee factory crimp die is the first thing that I recommend if picking up random range brass. All Glock fired brass is bulged and the Dillon resizing dies do not resize the entire length of the case. 6 O'clock blowouts are user error, not the gun in my experience and I see more than most people ever will.
  8. You can't just load reloads for power factor. Once you have PF, you need to test and adjust for accuracy. It's time consuming but as you have found out, well worth that time. BTW Locking blocks are MIM, if they fail they usually fail early in life, like almost right away. Unless you have an overpressure issue which can break them and or the locking block pin among other things.
  9. Mayonaise

    Lack of groups

    All the frame parts are the same.
  10. What problems does it cause in Gen4's? What people need to remember is that no matter how good the manufacturer of the spring is, no two springs are exactly the same. an XP trigger spring helps you as it puts tension on the trigger. However, too much tension in combination with say a ghost rocket connector, 4lb striker spring may not allow the trigger safety to reset. It's a good idea to have several springs to find the right combination.
  11. You can do it, it's not hard. The issue still remains that you have to alter the trigger safety in order for it to still be functional and no matter what you do, the drop safety is compromised to a certain extent. Your concern should be whether you can drop the gun without the striker being released. No matter how I've limited pretravel in my testing, I do not trust that the drop safety will hold if dropped during a match. That, to me, makes the negatives outweigh any perceived positives in doing such a mod. YMMV I just don't want to be "That Guy" who's gun goes off if accidentally dropped during a stage.
  12. FYI, the #1, 2 etc on parts only refers to the mold in which that part was made. The part number has been added to some Glock locking blocks (ie 1447, 30756, etc..). Regarding the slide lock and accuracy. Yes it's a very important part when it comes to accuracy. The lock grips the barrel, so installing it backwards the barrel isn't held in place properly. Not only will that affect accuracy the slide may come off the gun while firing.
  13. In order for the trigger safety to work, it has to be trimmed in skimmer triggers. The drop safety is somewhat compromised because the trigger bar rests further to the rear in the trigger housing with less contact with the shelf of the housing. Is it still safe? That's questionable depending on who does the work. Since all parts are not equal (example: different trigger bars and different strikers will display different percentage of engagement). I've witnessed skimmer trigger safeties to fail after just a few uses. Also, just how far of a drop does it take before the modified trigger releases the striker? YMMV. Anyone selling these as "drop in kits" possibly opens themselves up to liability issues. I've messed around making a few of these and ultimately I don't fee that the benefits outweigh the negatives. Just my opinion.
  14. ???????? What's your question?
  15. Any trigger that prevents or reduces the pre-travel of the trigger bar will compromise the safety systems designed into the gun. Primarily the trigger safety even if modified will likely fail over time. The drop safety is definitely compromised as the cruciform is no longer fully supported by the trigger housing.
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