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  1. i will send a check for $2600 without the mags or $2900 with mags. do you know the total round count? this would be cash including shipping. let me know ASAP!

  2. The best way to make sure you muck anything up is to remove the trigger from the grip. Once you have it out, remove the overstop screw out the back of the trigger frame (it wont fit through front of the insert). Use a small piece of pasteboard (tear the lid from an ammo box) to pad the jaws of your shop vice. Secure the trigger frame in the vice (see photos). Use the backside of a punch, and gently tap the insert out with a heavy hammer. DO NOT slam it out quickly, Little taps are the answer. Align the new insert, and slowly/gently tap it in place. The trigger frame has three surfaces t
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