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  1. I live to shoot and work to afford shooting.

  2. First of all, thank you for your ideas. I will follow them up. Do you think head-space might be playing a role here?
  3. I have been reloading for about 26 years. A few weeks ago I bought a new M&P 9L and almost immediately ran into problems. The 9mm Minor load I developed for my CZ just would not fire in the M&P. It seemed like light strikes initially but after "de-oiling" the striker and tunnel it seemed to go a little better, but only a little. Eventually I found that my rounds were a tad to long for the Smith so the energy of the striker was used up to try and seat it further. So I shortened the rounds by a fraction and immediately things seemed to go a lot better. The rounds felt "softer" than in the CZ and everything flew until a primer blew out of a case and caused a 5 second stoppage. OK so a blown primer sometimes happens and stuff like that is part and parcel of IPSA. I found both the primer as well as the case and the primer pocket seemed to be a bit oval. The primer itself seemed quite normal. All the other cases and primers seemed quite normal. On the next stage I had another blown primer and on the stage after that two. I withdrew my ammo from the match before I got told to do so and completed the match with military stuff I had in my car for such emergencies. The military stuff felt a lot "hotter" and accuracy definitely suffered. No further blown primers or problems except for a Mike on a far target. The load I developed over the years, and that helped me get into the Provincial, team consists of a 137gr lead bullet in front of a few grains of very fast propellant. The load factored about 137 out of the CZ and 148 out of the Smith. Considering that the Smiths barrel is a bit longer it is not very surprising that I am factoring higher though I did not expect such a big difference. The reason I do not mention the propellant is that it is South African and thus not well known in the USA(S121). Now 1080ft/sek is quite "hot" for a 9mmP but not overly so. In my stupid youth I did manage to blow a gun or two and the blown primers on Saturday definitely did not feel the same. I examined the gun minutely and found no reason in the gun for the blown primers. The cases are of mixed heritage, mostly PMP once fired. Obviously the problem lies in my ammo since factory ammo seems to run quite well in the gun. I have "de- mothballed" the CZ and it runs on my ammo without a hiccup feeling a lot "hotter" than the Smith. Except for overloading can any of you think of a reason why I should be blowing primers out of my new gun. I would hate to mothball the Smith but as we are shooting a big match next Saturday I need to a gun/ammo combination that works on the day.
  4. I just flogged my CZ 85 because of accuracy concerns and bout a 9L. Everyone and his brother had a go with the 85 and no-one cold make it group. I went for the 9L because "everyone" kept on saying how good the accuracy was. Now I stumble across this thread. I hope my 9l woks well since, for me it was quite a large investment.
  5. The problem normally is not knowing that this is one of "those" places.
  6. Does anyone know if the L or Pro will fir a CR speed holster? I am concerned about the sub that 5lbs trigger since we have a 5lbs limit in IPSC.
  7. My take on it is to lighten the slide(recoiling mass) and make the frame(non recoiling mass) heavier. Tried in in my 45 and liked it some but not worth the price. Are doing the same thing to my 40 and liking it a lot more and yes the money would probably have been better spent on ammo.
  8. I own several CZ`s. As long as you feed them "hot"(high PF) ammo they just run and run. Mine likes the ammo long though I know of a CZ that dislikes my ammo because of the length.( It is only a problem at ULASC). At this side of the "pond" CZ`s have a reputation of guns that just keep on running on and on.
  9. If the match has not started it would be harsh to try and impose a match DQ. From this side of the ocean the match could not have started if the ranges was still being erected and RO`s arriving by car. We should rather try and get more people to shoot, within our rules than to see how many we can alienate.
  10. I use a oil with a very spesiffic smell. I conditioned myself to believe that when I smell that smell I will preform at my best. The moment I step on the line and draw at LAMR I first smell the gun. The moment the smell of the G96 hitts me I am in my "happy place" and at peak preformance. I never try and go faster, I just go at my speed.
  11. IMHO: No. The presures are too big to experiment, and offcourse the gun is close to your face. When it blows, and I believe it will you will get to blead for a while.
  12. IMHO the differences between IPSC and USPSA is a lot smaller than what most believe. IPSC shoot non "humanoid" targets. Out Production gun or PD only allows us minor changes to the gun and only 15 rounds per mag at the beep. Your "Barney" mag may have 16 at LAMR. Indeed sandals and "hat cams" are frowned upon, but only from a safety angle. As RO I am NOT going to allow a guy to run dowm my clubs Bush lane in a pair of "slip-slops". In SA, as a PC thing, we may not wear cammos on the range. Some countries got exemption from some of the rules because of local legislation. At the end the differenses as pretty small and the similarities big. The "anti`s" are good in creating an us and them mentality in our sport. They have always used the divide and conquer thing on us and, up to now, it just keeps on working. Shooters are a lot like South Africans, if you have five in a room you will have 3 political parties. We all like to do our "own thing" and to hell with the rest. Meanwhile the anti`s are duping stupid politicians onto taking away more and more guns. I am just worried that one day we wake up to find that only criminls may own guns, worldwide.
  13. During our Privincial champs this year one stage started with a very long shot at a mini popper. Several shooters stared in disbelief after gettin the popper on the first shot. Others had to come back and shoot it again after not getting it on the first shot. The best was a good mate of mine getting it right the first time and then turning to me( the RO) and saying "Would you look at that". I just glanced at the yellow timer and that got him moving.
  14. Correct the Afrikaans guy if I am wrong but you have this problem with both the Para as well as he Wilson barrels? If that indeed is the problem you know exactly why these bullets are so much cheaper than the others.
  15. Luckily it is cloudy here so it is "just" 40C. We are down to 25Kl of water per houshold per day here. I would donate bodyparts for some rain and cold. Hell, I will even settle for cooler.
  16. Believe me, you are not the only country in the world to expierience this. With us it starts with the goverment and then snowballs to all aspects of life. If this offends you, it was not me, also it is not my fault. Actually it is your fault because you read my post and misunderstood it. You should appologise to me. LOL
  17. Go for the .45! I got myself a CZ 85 and look at me, now I can not remember how to clear a malfunction. It took me all of a year to unlearn this. The other day I shot my 45 and just stared at the stupid thing when it burped the first time. If I did not shoot the CZ I would be current with my stopage clearing skills. Some people call it boringly reliable.
  18. Got chewed out by my whife a week ago for not cleaning my HK P7 often enough. "We spent a lot of money on that gun and you should take better care of it." Kind of humiliating when it comes the spouse.
  19. Best end to a Grand Prix I ever saw, I believe young Vettel is the star of the future. Watch him for some serious fireworks.
  20. My BHP, the best gun I ever shot and it still hold the record for my highest IPSC score. I am however determined to beat that score with my expensive custom Para.
  21. And I get to read this after I bought a SDB after everyone said they are bullet proof. Mine is back at the agent(Now for tree weeks) after the same happened to me. Should never have sold the Lee.
  22. Southern hemisphere reversal of direction? Nope just personal stupidity. I just re-read the tread and would like to add: Fist DQ of my life, during a reload I manage to let one get away from met that made it into the C Zone of the next target, it was a long and lonely trip home. Second DQ: First stage of a away match: RO "The range is closed, facing down range you may load and make ready." While I was drawing my gun I manage to fumble it to the ground. I shake my head, step off the line and unload my mags. The RO looks at me and ask, "What about the gun" I just hand him my gun bag and he does the rest. The RO never did get to DQ`me, I just did it all by myself. It was even a longer and lonelier trip home. In my 20 years in the police I got shot a few times. Twice it was so-called friendly fire. Let me assure you there is no such a thing as "friendly fire". For some reason my left lower leg has a strong attraction for this. Got shot 4 times in the back by a suspect but since I was wearing a vest it only hurt and I did not get to bleed. The suspect died of lead poisoning. Saw the video material of one guy going for his gun at the beep but getting a lot of jacket. As he draws the gun he manages to pull the hammer back and as the gun starts moving the hammer gets away form him and drops, he shoots himself through the holster through and through the leg. He did nothing unsafe and was just unlucky to get hurt. We push the envelope as hard as we can so it is possilbe for unintended discharges to happen. He had to wait in line at the hospital as they were snowed under by injuries sustained by youngsters taking part in a Rugby day. His injuries were mild compared to some sustained. Two weeks later he was shooting again.
  23. I solved my lead(much lower that yours) by staying of the indoor ranges. Off course I then had to take a job where I get to spend most of my day on a indoor range. Note to self, check the lead levels again, they are probably way up again. Your lead levels are way up there at the stage where you may sustain permanent injury. My advice to you would be to do something drastic and to do it now, before it is too late.
  24. lynn next they'll make virginia count field courses. You say that as if it is a bad thing.
  25. I bought a 1000 and regretted it all 1000 long. I was to stingy to junk them and my shooting declined though my ability to clear a jam definitely got better. After I started shooting RN to exclusion of all others my shooting progressed as did my scores. I will never load a SWC for my 45 again, ever.
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