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  1. Put me on the list please This looks awesome!
  2. I have no such issues with my setup. An occasional wipe is enough. (I use a Schuemann AET barrel with 4 hybrid holes, and Arredondo mount). Since the position of the lens is much more to the rear compared to an ordinary c-more, it allows for most of the gases to avoid the lens.
  3. Hi, I recently swapped from Sidewinder to Predator Tactical. It is not a perfect fit, since the Sidewinder cut is wider at the bottom. I solved this issue in a MacGyver manner by simply putting a couple of layers of duct tape in the bottom of the dovetail cut between the slide and racker... It may sound silly, but it actually works wery well. I have shot about 2000 rnds with this setup, and the racker hasn't moved a bit. The set-screws will mash snugly into the tape and force it to stay put. Also I am very happy with the Predator racker. The reason for me wanting away from the Sidewinder was that may hand had a tendency of slipping off the racker. This is not an issue with the Predator, as it has a very rough sawtooth grip pattern (which is why the left and right side predators are different) which also looks cool. Here is a pic of the racker on the gun. Sorry about the cell-phone-bad-lighting quality, but it gives you an idea of the angle, and such... Hope this was helpful. /Richard
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