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  1. Yeah, I'm a 2011 guy. You can expect the an ultra light, ultra crisp 1911 trigger won't last as long. I'm wondering if the same holds true for a drop in AR trigger.
  2. Everything else being equal, should you expect a higher pull weight trigger to last longer then a lower pull weight. I have some cmc single stage triggers. Theoretically Should the 4.5lb cmc last longer than the 3.5 version. Is there any mechanical reason to believe that an adjustable ar trigger would be less durable than a fixed weight trigger? If the adjustable trigger starts to double can you dial up more weight to make it reliable again?
  3. tk4

    Shield upgrades

    Thanks for the info.
  4. I've been thinking about trying a shield. What is the accuracy capability of a shield with a good Apex trigger and are there any semi-drop in barrels for improved accuracy?
  5. Grab a gun has a good deal today. $22.99 for both 15 and 17rnd oem M&P 9mm mags.
  6. Mine will be for EDC also. I guess I will just shoot it in open unless I get back into shooting major matches again.
  7. I hope to have mine together this weekend. Only bad thing is, I assume it will be illegal in Carry Optics???
  8. I ended up buying a CORE upper. I have been playing with it on my son's Pro lower. I just ordered a 2.0C to put the CORE upper on also. I've got the Apex trigger kit waiting. I was going to get a Apex barrel, but I am content with the accuracy of the CORE barrel. Let us know how yours works out.
  9. Is there anyone who does the rmr cut for a 2.0C that also sells the pistol? I would like to buy it with the cut. Thanks.
  10. Sounds like mixed results on the 2.0 lowers. Thanks guys.
  11. Will the 4.25 and 5 inch 2.0 uppers work on the 2.0c frame?
  12. I am planning to set up an M&P possibly 2.0 for my 105lb 13yo son and I have a few questions. I want to load up as light a load as possible for him to start. I am not worried about keeping the gun or load production legal. I plan to install an Apex trigger and barrel and run a 13lb recoil spring. How low of a pf will likely run the gun? I am currently using AA#2 powder and 115 or 124 jacketed bullets. Is it true that the 1.0s will run low pfs better than the 2.0s? Would you suggest a 4", 4.25, or 5 inch gun? Will the 4.25 or 5 inch slides work on a 2.0 compa
  13. I'm wondering about the stock with the squarish looking tube and adjustable stock. Not the stock with the 2 metal tubes. I know I would want to change that one right away. Thanks.
  14. Couple of questions before I buy an MPX. Is the Sig telescoping/folding stock acceptable, or will I feel the need to change it out asap? Is the MPX finicky about which AR drop in triggers work? Would a CMC 4.5lb or a POF efp 4lb work well?
  15. I normally shoot 350 to 400 for a practice session.
  16. I've got two of them. They work for me.
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