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  1. Also, I'm looking for a recommendation for a carry comp to screw on a Apex barrel for my M&P 9mm. Thank you.
  2. I purchased one of the above top ends, later to discover that the slide is wider than a standard slide. I'm looking for someone who makes a kydex holster that will fit it. I would like one that will work with a tlr1 mounted also. Thank you.
  3. I'm planning to start using heavier 9mm bullets, 135 plus in weight. I also want a hollow point. Looking for good accuracy, but lower cost. I know this is the best place to ask.
  4. I got the Hahn. It is working great so far, even with my RMR hollowpoints (only a small sample size of hps though). Thank you all.
  5. Would the CMC AK trigger work in this? What are the aftermarket options for thumb safeties?
  6. Will it run hollow points reliably?
  7. Which lower? Will it run hollow points reliably? How much?
  8. I'm running colt style mags for my pcc and using a bottom inserted mag block. After a handful of mag insertions the mag block gets pushed up slightly which starts causing malfunctions. Mag block feed ramp starts feeding the rounds too high. Any recommendations to fix this issue? Should I consider a new lower receiver? I do not want to switch to glock mags.
  9. It won't reliably run my rmr JHPs that I had to shorten to 1.08 to fit in the chamber. Now I am wondering if it would feed JHPs at 1.14ish. That is what my fmjs are at. I believe the misfeeds may be hitting to high.
  10. I think I need to try a different jhp that I can load longer and still work in my barrels chamber. The price of the rmr jhp is good, the accuracy is good, but the profile doesn't work well for loading long.
  11. I guess that feed ramp is only for glock mags???
  12. I want a 9mm carbine that will be good for defensive purposes also.
  13. Should I expect my AR9 to be able to reliably run JHPs? I am using Colt mags and a lower with bottom inserted mag block. Runs fine with fmjs. I can't get it to run my RMR JHPs, but I have to load them short(1.08) to fit in the chamber. Would a new Ar9 dedicated lower for Colt style mags help? Suggestions?
  14. Are there any good 4lb or lower trigger options out for the Scorpion yet. This is the only thing that keeps me from getting one.
  15. How far behind the 1st port do you drill the hole? Which one of those comps is available in titanium? I really like my armalite comp with a hole on the right side and no hole on top or left.
  16. Will the ramped ulw barrel work with Colt mags and a magwell adapter with ramp?
  17. I need to invest in a mag loader for my colt style 9mm mags. Wouldn't hurt if it worked with Sti mags and m&p mags. What should I get?
  18. Thank you. Are there any more expensive optics that will offer the clarity and forgiving eyebox of the zdot with a thick horseshoe or segmented circle reticle with bullet drop?
  19. So, is the CMC 9mm trigger beefed up somehow to handle the 9mm bolt?
  20. I wish the zdot had a thick horseshoe. How does the glass clarity of the accupower compare to the zdot on 4x? Is the eyebox as forgiving as the zdot?
  21. I have a 1-4 Meopta zdot. I am very happy with the glass and eye box. I am looking to add a scope that has a usable reticle on 1x for speed if the illumination is out. The Accupoint 1-4 does not rely on batteries. The Accupower 1-4 can be had with the thick broken circle around the dot which should be usable for speed on 1x (my bushnell with thick circle dot is, but the eyebox while magnified is lousy). Am I correct about the Accupower reticle? Will both or either of the Trijicons compare in glass quality and eye box to my zdot? Is there anything else in this price range
  22. I have been running a CMC 4.5lb trigger in my 9mm ar. No problems yet. I see CMC now has a specific 9mm AR trigger. If I need another trigger anyway should I buy the 9mm version and switch? Is there any reason to believe it will last longer than the 223 version?
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