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  1. Nice looking blasters! Glad to see you are back in the game.
  2. Welcome aboard. Plenty of shooting opportunities in the Charlotte area. USPSA, IDPA, SC, 3Gun, GSSF, Indoor Ranges, etc. enjoy!
  3. OP, why don't you tell us all the mods you done on the pistol and save us some time in trouble shooting it. It's doubtful that the doubling is being caused by polishing. What parts did you change and what springs are in the pistol.
  4. Here's the link to the GSSF Rule book for 2016. For the definition of stock pistol go to page 11 and start with rule 40.20. Good luck and shoot them in the middle. http://www.gssfonline.com/glockrpt/2015_The_GLOCK_Report_VOLII.pdf
  5. I bought one when they were first introduced and used it for years to load .38 Spl wadcutters. Loaded great & very accurate ammo. Two of the three weaknesses have already been mentioned. Keeping the track clean and the primer feed. I also welded up a reinforcement/stiffener piece for the bullet seating linkage which often flexed when seating the bullet. RCBS was slow getting the caliber conversions to market and by that time Dillon was taking over market share. So it's more or less a one caliber press. (The track holding the brass is adjustable so conversions are possible.) On the positive side RCBS has been very good about sending free replacement parts when I've need them. But that's been a few years too. If the price is reasonable then it would make a fun project. Good luck.
  6. This is only a suggestion. You might try recording the X count as a decimal. So a score of 97-5x would be recorded as 97.005. Don't think you could have more than 270 X's in Bullseye. AP you could have 192 X's (4 events x 48 shots per CoF).
  7. I had a USPS issue and Precision Delta handled it very quickly and professionally. They dealt with the PO so I didn't have to.
  8. Fred, welcome to Charlotte and the Arboretum area. You'll find a number of options for shooting in the area. You will find USPSA matches in Statesville, Salisbury (Rowan County), * Lake Lure (Asheville area) NC and Columbia, Spartanburg, & Greenville SC. Farther east you have Creedmore (north of Raleigh) and Ft Bragg (Fayetteville). Besides the two 3 gun matches mentioned, there are a number of unaffiliated 3 gun matches in the area. There are at least 3 clubs in the area that you might consider for training but don't host USPSA matches. As well as a number of indoor ranges with very restrictive shooting rules. Hope that helps.
  9. I've had good luck just using .38 Super mags without any modifications in a 1911 with 9mmP ammo. Try it and see if it works in your pistol before you spend a lot on a mod. Good luck.
  10. BJ, the first thing I would check would be the amount of crimp. If you over crimp you maybe swaging the bullet smaller than the bore and therefore the bullet is not engaging the lands and spinning about it's axis. Do not over crimp. Just straighten out the bell. If reducing the crimp doesn't help then I would slug the barrel and get an accurate measure of the barrel bore diameter. Good luck.
  11. I loaded 4.2 gr BE over a 230 gr RNL bullet and shot it out of a 4" S&W 625 for a velocity of 735 fps. That equates to about a 168 PF. You may need to bump that load up a tenth or two to adjust for the FMJ bullet. Good luck.
  12. I ordered in Jan. Website said 10 weeks for delivery. Mine arrived in 4 to 5 weeks. Good bullets and good folks to work with. I'll order from them again.
  13. Welcome aboard. I hope to see you at some of the local matches.
  14. The Lyman 48th Ed. post loads for the Speer 147 gr TMJ @ oal 1.115" 2.8 gr 700X = 766 start 3.6 gr 700X = 949 max I settled on loads between 3.1 gr & 3.3 gr 700X w/ 147 Precision Delta JTC, which was a comfortable and accurate load in several Glocks. A 1911 may need to be a little warmer. The chrono data is 3.1 gr = 850 fps; 3.2 gr = 878 fps and 3.3 gr = 890 in a G17. Hope that helps. I'd disregard the trash talk about the metering. Test the load in your pistol and see if it meets your needs. Good luck.
  15. Dean, I'll be there. Looking forward to some of your seemingly simple yet deceptively complex stages. Sept. should be great weather for a match.
  16. Make sure the powder bar is empty of powder when you are screwing in the adjustment screw. ie throw a charge into a case, then adj. If there is powder in the bar then it will resist your attempt to screw the adjustment in. Good luck. There should be no issues with getting your desired powder charge.
  17. I had good luck with the 150 gr LSWC over 3.0 grs of Bullseye. If you are shooting a slide mounted dot then you may need to go a couple of tenths heavier. I didn't try full wadcutters since that is what I wanted to get away from (the yawing at the 50 yd line). You might also find other loads in one of the older Lyman reloading editions. Look up .38 ACP (this proceeded the .38 Super) and is a lower pressure. Good luck. You should be able to shoot some really great groups.
  18. I've seen one conversion from G20 10mm to 38 Super. Don't know how he converted magazines but the mags held a bunch of 38 Supers. Not sure how he dealt with the technical issues. But the gun function well when I saw it being shot. Good luck with your project.
  19. I'm using 3.0 Titegroup with a Precision Delta 147 gr Jacketed Truncated Cone bullet. I'm shooting it in stock G17, G34 and G26 for GSSF matches. It is very comfortable to shoot and reasonable accuracy in the these pistols. I would second the comment on OAL and shorten it up somewhat. Remember a plated bullet will seal up better than a jacket bullet and require less powder for the same velocity. Bottom line is load a few and test it in your pistol. If it's too light then add a .1 or .2. Good luck loading and shooting.
  20. I don't have Lyman's 49th edition but in the 48th ed. you will find on page 324 two sets of data for 120 gr bullet cast RNL and TCL and one set of data for 125 gr LCN, listing about 35 different loads with approx a dozen different powders. I find the Lyman Reloading Handbooks to be one of the best sources of data for loading cast lead bullets in handgun ammunition. Best of luck to the OP in finding your ideal load.
  21. John, I'm shooting on Fri and SO'ing Sat. ESR. See you there.
  22. I'm also, shooting Fri and SO'ing Sat. I'm shooting ESR. Eli
  23. John, I'll be there shooting ESR. Looking forward to a good match and some hot weather.
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