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  1. Thanks for all the good info. I'm really glad I found this place. I'm sending the Square Deal today. Also, does anyone know about wether a 9mm is scored differently in the Open class? I've been thinking about converting a BHP into an open class gun with a comp and open sights. Right now I shoot production and am beginning to show improvement with practice. I could pick up another BHP from a buddy and I live about 30 miles from the guys over at Bar-Sto. Thought I'd really like an open gun in 9mm, but am wondering on the scoring.
  2. Here's My first foray into this forum so go easy guys! Several years ago I purchased an old Square Deal in 9mm and a 450 in .45 from a friend of my fathers. After 15 years sitting around in a box in my garage I have decided to take it out and begin reloading. I plan on reloading 9mm on the Square Deal. It is a circa'85 machine. I plan on converting the 450 to a 550 and reloading .243 WSSM. I will be sending them both to Dillon to have them gone through. Is there anything that I need to be wary of as to their age and or designs.
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