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  1. I had two holes drilled and tapped in the bottom of the frame. Mounted a rail attached a light and I was all set.
  2. I was thinking .40 cal. Not sure about 9mm.
  3. You may have to file the feeds lips a little to get it to fit the guage.
  4. I like the new sti tubes with grams spring and followers with a 4mm taran tactical base pad. Mike the feed lips they should be about .380". The tubes out of the box with this combination runs great for me. I get a reloadable 21.
  5. Will the price be the same for all the matches and will they be the same as they were this year?
  6. I have 8 old SV tubes with Bolen base pads and Bolen springs and followers. They all hold 21 and are a reloadable 20. They run great with no jams.
  7. Does any one know how far they went down the wait less last year to get in?
  8. I have a back up for both my limited and open pistols. Last year at nationals I had to use parts from both my limited pistols to get one that would run. Both minor problems. I will not shoot a major match without a backup.
  9. So Robert you started with a stock edge and than lighted it or did you start with parts and built it the way you wanted?
  10. Have you adjusted the lips on your mag. Sounds like they are to wide allowing the follower to come up to far. If it is .40 a cal I think they should be around .390 or so. Call Bobby at Freedom Gunworks to get the exact measurement.
  11. I'm a big fan of Virgil Tripp. He built both of my 6" pistols at a very good price with a fast delivery time.
  12. I have always wondered about this myself. I shoot my limited like my open in that I put the front sight on what I want to hit. From the discuss I gather that is what you mean. If not could you go into more detail?
  13. I use the same setup as you do and only get 20 in the tubes that are not tuned. I have two that Bobby at Freedom Gunworks tuned. With bolen spring and follower and a bolen 4 mm base pad they are a start able 21.
  14. So Trace you are saying that the fit and finish is better than Virgil's. That is saying alot.
  15. Bill does a great job Do they post the stages before the match? If so where.
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