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  1. I"m with Tim on this one, Shot a match last month and on the second stage after about the fourth shot thought i saw someting flying but did not think anything of it....en went on with the stage next stage I noticed that the cases eject with a different arc. after this stage I checked my rifle and saw that my extractor was missing, problably lost it on the second stage. as the gun did not malfunction i chose to continue the match and finished the other 4 stages.. gun fuctioned fine ejacection pattern was abit different and erratic....
  2. Has anybody tried the downloadable 3d printed mag extensions from Taccom.... as in did you print them yourself and did they perform???????
  3. You can find some info in this topic http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=195423 If you haven't already read this.. you could PM some of the guys using the Titane, for instance Jesse??? See you this Sunday
  4. ik think you need this... http://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/rifle-tools/bolt-tools/dissassembly-tools/remington-bolt-disassembly-tool-prod7650.aspx or do like this guy hope this helps
  5. Hello I shoot most IPSC-Rifle matches in the Netherlands....and also in Reijmerswaal most Dutch shooters use an 1-4 or 1-6 optic on their rifles...... I myself have a Konuspro M-30 1-4x24 on my AR15 if you have more to spend search on huntingforums in Belgium or Germany for a used Zeisss or Swarovski.....
  6. what do you want to put on it then???? can you just put on 2?? one on the receiver and one on the fore arm?? can you post a picture of your setup
  7. do you mean something like this??? http://www.planet-of-gun.de/index.htm?http://www.planet-of-gun.de/k001u003s001.htm hope this helps
  8. I would prefer the Schmeisser, as it is more milspec which makes choosing the right comp much easier...and a lot of the Oberland Rifles have tight chambers... nice for a precision Blot action rifle but not very nice during a match when you chamber heats up.... Which country are you from???
  9. Found it, Thanks all, indeed, it looks real nice as a combo. personally I dot like the 'fingergrooves' on the front of the magwell. I know tons of people use this grip, but it doesnt agree with me sizewise. Otherwise i would consider it thanks again
  10. @mr Smith, I tried "my friend Google" but couldnt find anything, please post a link or picture of this upper, Iam reaaly curious whats cooler than a JP upper Thanks Jack
  11. Can you post a picture of this conversion or does Suddendeath have a website?????
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