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  1. good day do you still have that 9mm pointmen for sale ? thanks

  2. I actually like WST better. I ran N350 in my open gun and loved it. N320, not so much....
  3. My dents went away when I quit using the uplula, guess I can't cram them in as hard with my thumbs. I run SV mags now but still haven't gone back to the uplula. No biggie.
  4. That's what's doing it. I quit using mine b/c of it.
  5. Do you use an uplula to load mags?
  6. My Dan Wesson SSC runs great with Tripp COREY mags. Recoil is a little more than my 45 DW specialist. Both shoot well. I load for both but both run factory as well.
  7. Always a great match. Great stages and people.... Sucks getting back to the rock at 0030 but oh well, maybe I'll fly next year.
  8. Glad it got kicked in the nuts. Stupid idea for sure.... Go shoot open.
  9. Isn't JJ Racaza was part of Team Caracal? It's ok dude. Jessie's gun isn't a Taurus and Max's gun isn't a sig....
  10. This is the dumbest thing since, well.... IDPA.
  11. I've had cr speed, ready tactical, daa racers and ghost..... IMO, ghost are the best for CZ production and DAA racers are the best for SS all bullets out, of course.
  12. The Sam's bench rocks. I did fasten mine to the wall but it wasn't really needed. I do have the 650 on the strong mount and load standing. It's about perfect.... I'm 6'1"
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