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    Handguns. Auto & Revolvers..<br />Re-Loading<br />Ex-Marine--Nam-Vet..'70-'71.<br />Shot over 23 Action Pistol matches this year 2005 thanks to Kevin.. Love the game. May shoot a few steel matches and some uspsa type ..<br />What a wonderful bunch of people..
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  1. Keep the mover and plates. through out the pratical. pick 2 events that will replace the pratical and let us know what they are,and if you want to announce it at the cup and use the other one as a side event. Like Kevin said more stages would be great also 5 or 6 events wourd make a great match for sure. I beleive this would help draw new shooters but most of all brings back the ones we lost. Leroy
  2. Well they actually make two runs of the 627 in 38 super I have one from each run. Both are tack drivers and i shoot .355 jhp. I paid 1000.0 each brand new from smith and wesson. sounds like some made be confussed with the 627 in 38/357 for bore size. I tried a lot of different brand of jhp and these 2 guns seem to really like the zero jhp either in 115g or 125g.. Leroy
  3. Hey all. Tom Huges took Rudy's place. This week i called twice and left Tom a message. He called me back the same day in just a few hours with answers... Tom inpressed me so far he really sounds like he is very intersted in helping our sport. Rudy has been doing 2 jobs for the past few months until the NRA hired Tom for the Action pistol position. So lets give Tom some help and break him in... He really sounds like a cool guy and will be an asset to us all.. Thanks Leroy
  4. Phil I hope you can get a AP match before the cup. Man lets us know as soon as you can. The last i Heard it was canceled because of so much bad weather there the range was not ready. Can understand that for sure. Kevin and I will make it if you have one. WE are shooting in the new rules so we can prepare for the cup If you know Kevin he really does looks for matches and for the past 2 years i have been his shadow.... Whew!!!! We need more mathes so we can have more stories to tell during our wintertime thats what keeps me coming back. Keep us informed man.. Leroy
  5. Donn, Hey man great to hear someone has a action piston match on the west coast!!! But I am in Va. I have only been shooting it for 3 years now in open class. Looks like every one is steering you in the right direcion.. It is the way of the action pistol family.... Being just an expert and 2007 will be my 3rd time at the cup i cant help much. The Doug KOeing tape is a big help man i have almost worn out my first one.. you can watch it a 100 times and stll learn something.Well at least i can.... The stick shift from Warrne Morre is the way to go on the mover.. I guess the main thing that kept me going in this game is the people. Man it looks so easy. But it can be tough to hit the x ring... It is a very humbling game some days..But you will discover that the action pistol shooters will help you all they can if you are willing to listen and learn. Take it from me at first i would not listen that much but the more i do and apply the better i do...SO My grand daddy always told me " You have 5 holes in your head- 2 eyes 2 ears and one mouth use them accordingly.. You can get rule book from the NRA and they will send a attachment with the changes since the book printing. Get that and take some time to read it over it helps a lot to understand the game.. Hope this helps and I hope we see you at the cup this year so we can build some more stories..At the cup it is very serious but at a lot of the regular mathes laughing and pointing is allowed Leroy
  6. I received a message from Phil Strader in Tulsa. The action match in May there has beed canceled. the range will not be ready in time. Leroy
  7. I think middle man hit the nail on the head with rising cost. I use Hornaday Hap's and just bought 5 cases of 3000 for 178.00 last week and today the price is 260.00 for the same case... The high fuel prices and metal cost are going to affect us all big time Lerou
  8. I called Dave at target barn and he has them in stock now.. I think they are called the AP-1 Leroy
  9. Well I will jump in here. I have 2 627's and one 686 all in 38 super. I have found that the zero 125's work great and also the hap's 125,s work good also. As far as the moon clips go. I use the S&W moon clips with Federal NIckle brass.. S& W clips are the only ones i can find that dont flop....and I tried them all .. I found never to use brass that has been shot in an auto. I did hone out the cylinders a lot especially on the 8 shot 627's. the cylinders are very tough metal. You can get the hones from brownells,and the oil, be sure to get the oil dont use anything other oil.. Just my 2 cents worth here Leroy
  10. You may try Midsouth shooters supply 1-800-272-3000 www.midsouthshooters.com Leroy
  11. Hey Caspian, Not sure who you are but you must know me. It's been a while since i forgot the shick shift but I have and man what a brain fart for sure. Kevin won't forget I am sure. They are under a lot of stress over there man I am gald it's not me. I don't do well under pressure. I get too excited I guess I need to just chill out and do like MJ told me last time In Bedrock he ran me on the mover and all he kept sayin was Don't think Leroy just shoot and I had a good run goin until the last two shots and I started thinkn and threw 2 -- 5's *&^^%$#@@!~ And it was still my best mover. Thanks MJ I aint forgettin that. Now I just need to do it on the plates and Prat.. This is a great game and I am still learning how may ways I can &^%$ It up lol and I am sure I will find more It makes us cuss and throw things and come back for more tomorrow. But the best part is we get to meet so many great folks:) Leroy
  12. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! MIssed a plate!!!!!!! AH you didnt find a shovel did ya.. I told you so man... Hey you are doing great man under the conditions. Man I would be shakin like a dog S^*%!@# razor blades. One plate hell 3 or more for me in a big match Maybe I can clean them in a big match when i grow up ... So just get dialed in and make the mover work for ya man...Rootin for ya'll here. Leroy
  13. Hey guys. Great shooting. Tough luck for Doug.. man that hurts.. With only my little experience I know how that feels... OK Kevin you are on a good start now go find that shovel and go for a 1920. For those of you that don't know Kevin like I do. When he has to work with a shovel for a day or two he gets dialed in big time..... Find him a field and give him a shovel for an afternoon make him dig holes, and stand back the next day.. He is dialed in on the X ring... We have to dig a lot of holes at work so I just keep making him show me how to dig LOL.. Last time we did that he shot a 1920 at Bedford... and man that is a tough place to shoot Right Kevin??? Ex Marine here Ex Navy there go figure.... Kevin don't worry about anything here I talked to Caroline today and all is good so far. Just do like MJ says and don't think just shoot man.. As far as the raise goes.. Ya you probably can't afford it now I saw some nice new trucks on my way back and I will probably just trade in your old one on my way back to pick you up I think I have Caroline talked into it ... Ya Rite. Put em N the X ring man...Don't think just shoot!!!!!!!!!!!! Leroy
  14. Kevin Ya he pays me in bulltes power and primers.. and if i have any left over for entry fees. He don't like to climb the towers so that is what I do mostly so if i ask for a raise he jut points up ... We go to matches and when the wife ask what i won i give her the pay check. It's workin so far. leroy
  15. WOW! $10.00 for 2 hours!!! Hum let's see that is $5.00 an hour just below Min wage...Almost as much as Kevin pays me to work for him He He ....!!!! OH well the benefits are great!!!!!!!!! Hell we shot from Fla.. to Ny.. to Texas twice and Caif and all points in between this year.. Man we slung brass all over the good ole USA this year and I hope we do more next year. Is now a good time to ask for a raise???? Leroy uote name='Lee' date='Nov 1 2006, 12:22 AM' post='467280'] Grant or anyone else that might know, Is there only 1 person shooting Metallic and the World Match? Kevin
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