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  1. IPSC Store always carry the 10, what r u talking about...lol
  2. I can't find your post for N310, u mind to post a link?
  3. Do you mind to share what PF you had achieved in the CZ Shadow (147gn [RN?HP?RNFP?) for 2.8gn - 3.2gn individually?
  4. Drill Operating Manual Rollsizer (Click To View) I did not remove the crank handle. This is just for demonstration purpose to have an idea the speed of using a electric drill. Overall speed is not that bad.
  5. Can u post a pic how to use and looks like
  6. I do not get mine Kevin, will u send it to me?
  7. When I pushed through the rounds from Lee Bulge buster some rounds still not pass the case gauge or barrel chamber, the rim sticks out and I also thought it's the rim problem. But after rollsized the same brass then a normal resizing, it drops 100% on both gauge & chamber. Then I know the push through is not doing a very good job.
  8. I use PAL Filler. A better version from Italy. Here's a comparison: https://youtu.be/Uaf9vsBAGxo
  9. Had measured the OAL seems hasn't changed.
  10. I had received it today but Kevin forgot to put my 38SC conversion kit in the package. I'll just share my thought on the 9mm first. The package came with the Manual Rollsizer, small pistol drop tube, the plastic hose for the case feeder(If you have one), 4 spare screws, 2 hex tools & user manual. Surprisingly, after I had installed the drop tube, my DAA mini case feeder can just ride on the drop tube but with a little wobble. I had ordered an extra adapter from DAA and will figure it out to stabilize it. However, even with the little wobble the mini case feeder still work. (Update: After playing around with it for half an hour, just an O ring or a tiny rubber bend had solved the wobble 99%, let see if the adapter will be better) First impression, I rollsized about ten 9mm brass for testing purpose and I can say the crank effort required is minimal as stated. Compare with my Lee Bulge Buster which makes my hands tired in about a few rounds, the Manual Rollsizer almost do not required any effort at all. After rollsized the brass and resized them with Dillion press, the brass drop easily into my case gauge 100%. Then I used them to made dummy rounds and they all dropped freely to my case gauge. Much much much better results than the Lee Bulge Buster. I'm impressed with the results at this point. But still need the field test of the ammo to be sure. P.S. DAA USA is carrying them now, no need to wait for Immortobot. Manual Rollsizer In Action (Click to View)
  11. Where did u bought the spring from?
  12. I think it will depends on your hammer spring as well. If you have a 9lb recoil spring but have a heavier hammer spring, then the cycling will be much slower as the slide needs more effort to push the hammer back.
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