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  1. My son is a teenager with small and tiny arms. Will this shotmaxx 2 fit his hands with the smallest band hole's setting?
  2. https://www.ipscstore.com
  3. Try use it on something other than Glock to compare. It may be the Glock doesn't like it. Also the blue bullet too. I used Berry plated bullets.
  4. Agreed. Those people may not even try it but gave such a comments. Your comments are 100% accurate from my own experience about N310.
  5. IPSC Store always carry the 10, what r u talking about...lol
  6. I can't find your post for N310, u mind to post a link?
  7. Do you mind to share what PF you had achieved in the CZ Shadow (147gn [RN?HP?RNFP?) for 2.8gn - 3.2gn individually?
  8. Drill Operating Manual Rollsizer (Click To View) I did not remove the crank handle. This is just for demonstration purpose to have an idea the speed of using a electric drill. Overall speed is not that bad.
  9. Can u post a pic how to use and looks like
  10. I do not get mine Kevin, will u send it to me?
  11. When I pushed through the rounds from Lee Bulge buster some rounds still not pass the case gauge or barrel chamber, the rim sticks out and I also thought it's the rim problem. But after rollsized the same brass then a normal resizing, it drops 100% on both gauge & chamber. Then I know the push through is not doing a very good job.
  12. I use PAL Filler. A better version from Italy. Here's a comparison: https://youtu.be/Uaf9vsBAGxo
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