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  1. I’m kind of in the same boat as you for different reasons. I competed in USPSA several years ago with a 2011, and am planning to get back into it. I still have the 2011, and am at a point now where I could afford to get a nice custom gun, but I think I’m going to just “build” a parts catalog Glock and shoot limited with it. I just got tired of keeping a limited gun running and I’m thinking the Glock would just be simpler and less time consuming. Plus I think I just want to but ammo off the shelf and shoot minor and save myself even more time and heartache. Plus I relish the thought of not picking up brass.
  2. Judging by you original post it appears you own a factory Remington 700 with a 1 in 12 twist already.So here goes with my experience developing loads for a 700 XCR tactical. -Remington premier match shoots right at 1/2 moa -155 Lapua scenars to 175 SMK can be made to work out of the rifle, at shorted ranges like the 600 yards and below that you mentioned 168 gr will work great if developed correctly. They will group better at 100 yards then the 155s or the 175s, as these two seem to need a little more space to "settle in". I shoot 155 Lapua Scenars fairly often, and at 200yards or more they rock, but at 100 yards they suck. If I want to make "pretty" groups at the local 100 yard range I go for 168 smk, or 168 A-max. I do not push them as hard as my 155 load and this may account for thier superior short range accuracy. At 600 yards and in the 168s are most likely your best choice with this rifle. -the chamber on a factory Remington will be very long, but with proper load development or good factory ammo it will shoot great.
  3. I live the Gunner grips too!! Kind of agressive, and look great.
  4. I do not like the "feel" of the recoil master, I agree with stockton on steel rod and 14lbs. spring.
  5. I have a .45 sti with a Lea Baer slide that I have been shooting for 2-3years. I have both sv and st mags that I use in it, and now they all work fine. When I first bought the gun it had a sv mag release in it and I had some feeding problems, now it has a sti release and no problems. I still prefer the sv mags as they seem to be tougher. My .45 has a wilson ramp barrel and after some early issues has been very reliable. I geneerally shoot 200gr. semi-wad cutters with no problems.
  6. That is one of the best looking six inchers I have seen, love the slide cuts.
  7. I do ot have a IOR, but the guy I shoot with does , and it is a great scope. The gass is first rate, and the clicks are positive, and repeatable. I would not hesitate to go with a IOR. I am using a luppy, and prefer his IOR, the "clicks" are better, the only diff is he is using it on a .223, and I am on a .308.
  8. also +1 for nu finish. worked great on some very dirty brass.
  9. I have a new ghost, and so far I like it. I donot think the gun will fall from a locked holster, just be sure it is seated well after the load and make ready.
  10. Competition is just a hair slower than N320, but not by much.
  11. Someone in another thread got a geed deal at www.outdoormarksman.com, you might give them a look. He said he got wolf primers for around $16/k. sounds good to me.
  12. +1 for me too, placed order on Thursday, came in mail on monday. great service great bullet.
  13. the roupe grips are $195 from dawson
  14. I use masterblasters with ramshot like they recommend on the MB site with little smoke, it is a clean fairly inexpensive powder too. I used to use N320, which worked great too, but cost to darn much!
  15. tx911

    45 acp loads

    BTW it will also lead your barrel very quickly. That heavy bullet will take a while to get moving and the back side of the bullet will begin to melt, with a slower powder this will not happen. I like TG, and I also like lasercast bullets, but not good together.
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