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  1. Cardiac Cowboys! I just ordered the T-shirt, "Romo makes me drink". I thought it was funny it showed that a couple of other people ordered it within the past hour Hope they step it up next week.
  2. No problem with STI mags and Dawson pads in the SV stainless grip on my Edge. Not sure about the Dawson magwell. I've got the SV magwell. It appears to be the same size dimensionally. You're welcome to take it for a test drive at the next match if you like.
  3. I've been using the Ballistic for about 3 yrs. I use the extra rubber case too. It is a brick though. It stays in my nail bag daily getting drowned in sawdust, rain, etc. When I do finally take the phone out of the case it looks brand new. My wife uses the Otterbox and likes it. I've never really known about any others until I read this thread. The Lifeproof looks pretty cool.
  4. A few months ago I was doing some mods to a glock so I ordered parts from several different vendors one evening. All arrived within a week except for Glockstore. All sent me emails that my stuff had shipped except Glockstore. When I would go to their website to check the status of my order it would always say "pending". The parts showed up about 2 weeks after I ordered. Everything was good...and my status was still "pending". You'll probably be ok but don't expect any communication or order updates.
  5. I would suggest that you go to your local rental store and tell them you need an electric chipping gun/demo hammer with a bit for removing thinset on concrete. It should take less than an hour for 40sf. Good luck.
  6. I only have one that I got new and it's always worked fine with no tuning.
  7. They've posted a notice on their order page that all orders are 30-40 days out and their website should be back up in 3 weeks. Maybe that's when they expect to catch up?
  8. me being anal ... kills me when I scratch up a metal magwell ... And I'm not great @ reloading and the dawson magwell takes care of that but I'm seriously looking into buying 2 stainless steel SV grips... Believe me, I understand what you're saying. Mine look like they've been shot with a shotgun, but it doesn't hinder it's performance. And IMHO, the steel grip is so much better than the plastic ones, you'll soon forget what the inside of your magwell looks like!! edit, sorry, read twice, post once
  9. I have steel grips on an open and limited gun and I don't think I could ever go back to a plastic grip. I always wanted the gun heavier. Went through the whole thing with adding the tungsten guide rods and the heavy magwells but the steel grip gave it the feel I was looking for. IMHO, it's the way they should be made. But I guess they're not for everyone. My buddy would say, "just get a caspian".
  10. Is this like what Kmart does at the checkout? After begging you to add your email address to your "rewards" card and then giving you a double handful of receipt, coupons, and special offers that the register spews out.
  11. I have a couple I'll bring Sunday if you'd like to try.
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