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  1. SteelTargetPaint is a good one.
  2. A few thoughts on the equipment rules. For Factory rifle optics, just 1x would be good if matches were set up so target size and visibility supported it. The option of a single fixed power would be good for people like me who have an old 3.5x TA11 on one of their guns. The 3x option would be my last pick due to having to buy a new optic to best fit the rules. The 1"x3" rule for breaks has a long history at this point. I agree that it is best to continue its use for factory division. For limited optics, I like the choice of limited or CO guns.
  3. This guys channel has APC 9 footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4jdhvWB77o
  4. I received an in stock email from Eurooptic a couple days ago. It was in stock when I looked but is now out of stock.
  5. I really wish people would stop saying legal 16". This gives the false impression that under 16"s is illegal. The correct term would be 'makes it a non NFA 16" rifle barrel in the USA.'
  6. Today was the first day recently that I didn't need to sign in. Using Firefox on a Mac.
  7. lcambre

    P320 X5 Thread

    I probably could. Since I have two that work, I won't bother.
  8. lcambre

    P320 X5 Thread

    I was trying them with the gauge. It is just a tiny amount. I am looking now at one of them and one side of the magazine is fine it is only the upper left corner that is too long. I tried measuring the two with a caliper, but with the slope I couldn't get a consistent reading.
  9. lcambre

    P320 X5 Thread

    I just received 2 TTI +2 base pads yesterday. I tried them on 4 tubes. Two of them were too long and the other two just barely fit. It looks like he is pushing enough that it is not 100% that it will fit.
  10. They restarted last fall, but only for the Form 1. Both individual and trust can use it. You do need to send in a set of prints after submitting the form.
  11. I decided not to do a Google search for that term.
  12. Is this what you are talking about? http://peacemakernational.com/supersteel They have rimfire listed, but it looks like just one division for all rimfire.
  13. I sent in one of the RX models. I took out my Gray guns parts and sent it in. It came back with an 8 pound trigger pull. I'm looking forward to getting the updated GG parts to put in it.
  14. I just do a big batch on my 650 and then clean with Simple Green afterwards. I use a cleaning rod with paper towels and a .45 jag to clean the tube.
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