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  1. I am less then thrilled with mine. After 2 trouble-free Colt builds - a PSA and a Quarter circle 10 - I thought I'd try a Glock lower. I liked the extended left-hand mag release on the KE - it works like a champ. However, the lower had issues. The ejector had to be relieved on the underside for mags to seat The safety detent channel was hundredths undersized (I don't have a pin set so I can't say how much) such that I had to take a 1/8 drill bit and cut the channel to size by hand. The mag release is misfit and hangs open when you use the right-handed release button. I haven't worked on that yet, as I'm a lefty, but that's next on the list. For $200 I expect the lower to function 100% with maybe a single. minor glitch, but this is just sloppy manufacturing and bad QC - been there, done that, know what it looks like. Maybe this is Karma biting me in the ass ?. All that said, it has run 100% with glock and magpul mags for 300 rounds or so. There is a real need for a lefty Glock lower that is ready to roll right out of the box. Also, I'm running an Aero Precision upper - fits fine.
  2. 3.5 flat with Federal and CCI in mixed range brass. 100% boom rate.
  3. I've had the same experience. The 3.5 lbs version is the sweet spot for me.
  4. lol - I'm safe shopping this weekend! But I really do like the ability to play around with uppers now that I have two solid lowers.
  5. Help please. Does anyone know what size retention screw JP uses on their Gen 2 SCS? Mine was stripped from the factory - although I didn't notice it until I started to disassemble it for a rebuild. I got it off with pliers, but it ain't going back on. I emailed JP but no response.
  6. +1 for the MBF powder funnel. Works like a champ in a 550 and a 650.
  7. I got a bottle of SP and finally got a chance to run a load over the chrono. 3.0 grains SP, 160 grain SNS Casting .356 bullet, COL 1.145 (+/- .003), mixed shot-to-hell range brass I shot this out of my new, super groovy Gen 5 G34 10 shots @60 degrees F Avg: 878.9 ES: 25 SD: 7.0 PF: 140 I was looking for a PF of 130 or so for minor, so I need to crank this down to 2.9 and see what happens. This is a very small sample (I was really trying to get my optic dialed in for tomorrow and just threw up the chrono for fun), but this is softer than my 3.2 grain SP and 147 grain Blue Bullet load. However, both are clean and accurate, with an edge to the .356 bullet - five shots in a nickel sized group at 9-10 yards off-hand. If I didn't have 15 lbs of e3 to use up, I'd be stocking up on SP! Nice for 9mm and although I didn't chrono it, 3.2 grains under a 160 .358 BBI coated bullet in .38 spl was nice, clean and accurate.
  8. I use it for minor power game loads - works like a champ. 3.2-3.3 grains with 147 coated bullets, 1.145 col does it for me. Clean, consistent and economical.
  9. Keep in mind that Blue bullets are .355 as the default size, although you can special order other sizes. Most others - such as BBI and ACME - are .356.
  10. My thinking is this - a lead bullet within a certain hardness range would simply fully pancake against the plate and thereby transfer all its kinetic energy to the plate. A lead bullet that is too hard might fragment at really high velocity as would a jacketed bullet meant for lower velocities, resulting in lost energy as the fragments fly off into space. It may be that if you drive the bullet fast enough you can overcome the lost energy with increased velocity. However, you want to find the sweet spot where a load has all the energy needed to drop the plate - and no more - is fully transferred to the plate resulting in the lowest possible recoil.
  11. My bet is there is a huge difference in the ability of a jacketed bullet meant for .380 velocities and a lead bullet to effectively transfer energy to the plate when moving at really high velocity. That said, I've never tested that theory.
  12. Nope - .355 is what they size them. You can special order .356 or even .357 IIRC. I've shoot quite a few and found them to be a very good bullet. My spot checks have yielded .355 +/_ 0.0005. That said, everyone has QC issues on occasion - its customer service that keeps me coming back to a product. Give them a call.
  13. Agreed - runs fine in my 650. I loves me some e3!
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