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  1. I hope you don't have any permanent damage from that injury. At a USPSA match a friend and I were downrange pasting targets when he had a piece of bullet jacket come over the berm between us and the next door range and completely penetrate the top of his ear. It was bleeding from both sides. After that I bought a pair of wrap around glasses and I still try not to turn my back when people are shooting steel.
  2. Give up golf. I don't play golf but I know a lot of people that do. My head is not tough enough to have a hobby that I would have to drink to enjoy. "A golf course is a waste of a good rifle range."
  3. The ringing in my ears from a misspent youth shooting without earplugs and some Dr. Hook
  4. The Wild Bunch After Pike(William Holden) and the boys blasted the Mexican general who had just cut the throat of their friend Angel and they are all facing the whole Mexican army. Nobody is moving, then Ben Johnson says: "We got these sonsabitches buffaloed." so then Pike shoots the German general and the final fight was on. You can't help but like a movie that burned through 30,000 rounds of 30.06 in a water cooled Browning just making the last fight scene.
  5. This is what happens when you ask a question that only requires a YES / NO answer. LOL
  6. I guess one advantage of being a lefty is that I can easily watch the round being chambered without any effort so I had always put the press check in the same category as taking a sight picture. I know what my sights are going to look like so I don't waste my time making sure. If I was using a dot it would be different.
  7. I see a LOT of shooters 'make ready' by inserting a mag, racking the slide, and then pulling the slide back enough to make sure that a round is in the chamber. Has any one ever NOT seen a bullet in the chamber?
  8. I would like to see the first round shot under a tin roof after doing that.
  9. I am right handed and left eye dominate so I became a left handed shooter at about 5. With a load 2 vest, I roll the shotgun over and place the butt into my armpit while keeping it level with my left hand still on the pistol grip. My Mark Otto vest is up on my chest and I load 2 with my right hand. Returning the gun to action is a flip of the wrist and it is already pointed at the target. If I have to go prone my shells don't end up scattered all over the range. This works for me. The only disadvantage I see for left handed shot gunners is that I cannot load 4 as the bolt release gets in my way.
  10. Identical only in the looks department hence my "less durable" comment.
  11. I have seen a 2 piece V-Max firing pin and the guy who owned it was feeling that need. The 'Nellie part # is 60180. That fits M1 & M2 and maybe others but it is identical to the V-Max.........or maybe I should say that the V-Max is identical to the Benelli, just less durable.
  12. Also get a link pin. I saw that break in a friends Vmax. Bent pistons too. From what I've seen, if you can get a part that speaks Italian to work in your Remington you will be better off with it.
  13. From the Speer #8 manual: 125 grain .355 Jacketed Soft point 4.0gr -Max of 5.0gr of Red Dot @ 998 to 1136FPS No 115gr load listed. A considerable deviation from the Hornady #4.
  14. When reloading 223 brass that has been polished in corn cob I use a die with a de-capping pin to punch out the flash hole. The press made a pop but I didn't see anything wrong and continued to load. After loading almost 100 rounds I noticed the end of the de-capping pin was broken off. I laid all the bullets out flat and moved the magnet from an old computer hard drive across them. The magnet snatched up one round and I found the 1/8" long piece of de-capping pin inside it. A computer hard drive magnet can also be used to check a magazine for AP without having to unload it.
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