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  1. Anybody know where to find results from this years match?
  2. So are .22 results up anywhere?
  3. So, how many Santiago's does it take to win a steel match?? Good Job peeps!
  4. So.......Im the only one that thinks this is the best idea ever?? I've also been whining about taking the heads of the targest for about 20 years or so, probably the best thing we could do for the sport!
  5. What if you are looking at the paper when the shoot goes through?? This comes froms a target focus which is fine on some strings...it's when you are unfocused that you run into trouble. However, next time at the range see where you can place your attention. Can you be aware of the sights while keeping a target focus? It's easier with a dot so try it with irons. In many ways it doesn't matter exactly how you get your hits...as long as you can consistantly GET YOUR HITS...but being aware of the sights is a nice way to stay out of trouble and for the most part you have enough time to see them. Most of the time lost on stages, even hoser stages come from somewhere other than quick splits on a target...so you might as well get as many points as you can. Bingo, my point was that you need to pay attention to somthing but that may not alway be the sights. Ive shot some good runs on occasion and afterwards I have always remembered a really strong focus. Somtimes this focus has been on some really odd things, like brass coming out the gun or the serations on the back of the gun ect.....
  6. What if you are looking at the paper when the shoot goes through??
  7. I am not having any luck myself on this one. I will donate $25 to the junior fund in the name of the first person who can help. Its the 91 top 16 I am looking for.Thanks!
  8. Having made some hints in the past, I think now is the time for me to make a statement so there are no suprises or hurt feelings..... If you are a no-shoot I will shoot you. I am not afraid of you like the others. You have no place to hide, not 3 yards not 50. Trying to resist will only make me mad. When mad I will shoot you in the A zone. I will shoot you fast or slow it makes no difference. I have NO compassion for you, your families or my score cards. I have no understanding or care reguarding paralax. 15 long years i have waited, all the time plotting you demise, coming up with new and creative ways to shoot you I AM BACK AND YOU SHOULD BE AFRAID
  9. Anyone know what time they are starting and how long to get through? Gota be at work in the afternoon...
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